The Prince of Harry and her Princess Meghan are not to be able to go. live in Kensington Palace


Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Markle are currently in attendance; Living in a two-roomed house with Nottingham at the Royal Palace of Kensington. However, with the baby being born, the two are trying to be pregnant, find a wider home.

The Daily Mail source said Prince Harry and his wife wanted to move out of Kensington Palace. There are sources that suggest that both of them move to the palace's 21-room room and next to its; Prince William and Princess Kate. However, the spokesman of Prince Harry was immediately denied.

"Prince Harry and Princess Meghan wanted to move more and more, but they did not stay up to William and Kate," said the source.

Earlier, Prince and Prince's information said it is expected that his / her. Princess Meghan was born in April 2019. There is still no information about a new Royal couple's residence.

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