The Princess Disney has a voice at Thai. Come back to Wreck-it Ralph 2


After leaving a search for her & # 39; Princess Disney, was the 14th anniversary of the animated Disney movie. "Ralph Online: Hearts of Person 2, or Disney's Ralph Breaks. Internet: Wreck-it Ralph 2 is the launch time for the English version. All characters in the team. In Thailand, we have not lost many stars and stars, we have lots of stars to go on, but who collects what has happened.

Birds – Sound A & # 39; Chocolate to Guthan a Phocahontas

No one knows the name of the bird. The actor is able to play dramas, TV shows, theater and film. And in 1995, when Disney gave a Pocahontas story. Pahhhahaha I like English as Captain Mac A 'Ghobhainn (a Thai voice by Santi Suk Phrom Siri) to read the song of his love; over the skin with a confrontation; in a loop of both.

Tell the bird the feelings that came back to the Pocahontas sound. "We have never thought we would have the opportunity to recall Pocahontas. It has been over twenty years since we gave us a voice. Origin in Language. Imagine that This is a very rare opportunity. We feel like watching a movie with the front row of stars that have been collected together with 14 people that something is very successful. It is possible do Disney take the assassins together. Even we're happy and watch it. It's a spectacle for spectators. Of Disney fans it is. It's a & # 39; make the world's fans' fans to be true at all. "

Kruebi – Sukanya Yannapat gives voice to Snow White and Jasmine.

KPN Awards for the voice of Jasmine's Princess in Aladdin, the most animated version of the year 1992, with changes from the story of Isabella and the story of Aladdin (The young boy who fell in love with the noble princess of the Sultan, Ginny's three goddesses from the magic lamp he got. Howth's never left Snow's voice in a video with another chapter.

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Chi – Chan Jiranpitakpong Voice actors, Ariel Aurora and Merida.

Believe those children Yesterday's a familiar voice Jira Chan Jiranpitakpong for & # 39; She was named as a princess's character, both Ariel Mermaid Little Mermaid and a video version. Featuring Aurora from Sleeping Beauty no Sleeping Beauty. She gave a voice and voice in this video. A new Pixar Princess in the & # 39; BRAVE in 2012.

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Diana – Imagine Mulan's sound.

Diana: Imagine, the very talented actress and hospitality, named as the Mulan character in 1998, describes the character of the patriotic daughter through bravery. The tone is right.

Diana – Imagine telling her her first feeling that she would return to Mulan again. "When Disney came to the conversation. The first thing we do Check your previous voice. Because we have said. Mulan was nearly twenty years old. We are only 15-16 years old. We are afraid that our voice is changing. Will we grow up from that time? At the same time, we were very happy to be back at Disney. It's a very important opportunity. I'm sure the film is really fun. This is the first time that her Princess Disney has been quite different with special characters. Think about how fun it will be. "

Cher –

Cheramun – Collins Sookawat, who served as a server in The Star Year 5, has a long-haired princess, captured on the tower at Rapunzel, 2010. This is an opportunity for her talent to be shown. The two voices and sing.

Chee-wan Yin Pia, the voice of Erza and Tiana

I do not have to put anything into the glass. Different abilities. And she started the way of Disney Princess. Le dub Princess Tiana's first Disney princess in her; Princess and Frog. Frog Prince Frog Prince in 2009 by Erza's fireworks in the anti-wild, curse of the snow queen. In 2013, she sang the song "Let It Go".

Chee-wan Yan Pia, the voice voice of Ela and Tiana, tell how they are feeling to do; See her first collection of Princess Princess "The cheeks are the Princess of Disney. I must say. First, she's heard that shoes from Disney's princess are laughing at Very happy and very happy. It is not inconceivable to be able to bring all the characters into the same movie. We also win it out. It's also a special one. Princess, we saw them with funny clothes for the first time. I do not miss it. "

One – Girl Anna's Soup Voices.

When he talks about Frozen, she'll have lost her & # 39; hero of the film GTH as a daughter, Sophia, with the name of her sister Ela's sister at Norwich's hair. And not just in a hit song. First time to & # 39; Waiting for the first time in Thailand.

Na Na – One daughter, Sophon, who gives Anna's voice, said, "Our intention is to work with the voice of Princess Disney. a Disney Princess fans club. I love the children when we see all Manga princess. We would like to sing. I want to make a similar voice. I am this a princess. We have been very happy with this opportunity to work with the voice. Every Prince of Disney We feel that we & # 39; meeting celebrities. The best singer I told them. I've been playing all of my songs. Even the memory that I remember & # 39 "What about this? It seems that we have become the children again." I met an owner of the voice of her princess, we are very familiar. We are very happy. "

Mind – Krittiyawut Hirun Preeda produces a cinderella sound.

Kiss Me Five and Kridiya's four-act player are thrown as Cinderella, with Lillie James in Cinderella. Film Branches include Ken Branagh 2015

Myra – Maneepassorn Molloan

I am Madame Butterfly and I was born in Moana, South Africa. This is a great opportunity for us to hear it again.

Nate – Kanda Wittayanuk Sound Bell

On the web, Kanda's voice, a sweet voice, was thrown in the voice of Belle, played by Emma Thompson at Beauty is the Beast. The 2560s

Disney has made a special film for playing the fun movie song song to & # 39; see how we go.

Make it ready to leave your video game shop behind. Make it ready to go to the big world of the internet. And this may be the same time as to see all Disney princesses; featured on the screen in the movie. The way nobody ever saw. With the special show of every princess to make the fans. Ralph online: Disney's Ralph Breaks The Internet (Wreck-it Ralph 2) on November 29 in theater and 4DX.

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