The prisoner of Veteran Arthur Taylor was released from prison: & # 39; It's a good day to be free!


One of the most prolonged prisoners from Thailand was released from prison, and welcomed supporters by saying "It's a good day".

Arthur Taylor, 62, was released on Monday morning after spending a better part of 40 years behind bars.

Radio NZ His sister and two friends met him at the Waikeria Prison car park.

Arthur Taylor has been imprisoned since the 1970s.


Arthur Taylor has been imprisoned since the 1970s.

"He put it out without a sense [a] white bay and received them, " Radio NZLisa Owen said.

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"It's all right, how you can think, be happy to be free.

"He put his hands over his head and said," It's a good day. "It's a good day to be free."

Taylor used to spend the day with his sister, who is a stay in Paeroa, before going to Auckland to serve a legal business, Radio NZ said.

He is pronounced to Dunedin where he lives with Hazel Heal's student and that he would fly after a few days – Heal and Taylor met for the first time Monday.

Taylor was allowed in January and said he wanted to obtain legal action and continue with social justice work.

It was first imprisoned in the 1970's and has declined as a result of burning, drugs and guns.

In 2013, Taylor made the government to the High Court about prisoner voting rights.

In 2018, five years later, the High Court ordered the High Court to work within its power when he said prisoners had the right to vote for prisoners as they were & 39; prevent them that were not consistent with the Copyright Bill.

Taylor told the Board that he was "delighted" about potential job opportunities in the future.

When he talked about the criminals, Taylor said RNZ he was "sorry for everything" and he would "completely" stay out of trouble.

"I know 100 per cent that I have done a great deal of abuse than abusive – I have to pay my price," Taylor said.

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