The PRO launched an enterprise with its economic backlog in 2019 – 10/10/2018


– When we take the bell we do not know if a neighbor or bulldog goes out.

Rude man, Alfredo De Angeli did scratch him zen climate from the top of the PRO. The entrerriano asked the micreofon passed by Marcos Peña and displaying the discomfort of those who did not "get the change."

An bulldog, in their basic meter, they are angry with change Those who, like Jorge, heard themselves at a sawmill promise from Mauricio Macri but has just broken.

The entrerriano, which rose from 125, the hardest voice at a PRO collection that reviewed the three years of management and its use speag elected with commitments from economic revival and cultural conviction.

"Difference in this hard year has always been to stop its" "drag," said Peña, and he stopped the # 39. ; idea of ​​"conversation" where the artist needs to be a neighbor who is not the headteacher.

"You do not have to get out well: there's a lot to come up and much to do in the next four years" the head of staff expressed in a "lesson" for local representatives.

Listen to the other, check out and reassess your opinion on change and, above all, of right way. About the campaign, he welcomed: What we do in 2015 and 2017 is not enough for 2019, warned him.

"He has to prove the certification and confirmation of those who are incredible or angry," he said, and it was probably De Angeli that he did then when he asked him to know "why things are going wrong".

The complaint was moved by Humberto Schiavoni, Gabriela Michetti and Patricia Bullrich, Peña na gearanan – others, more diplomatic – and closed: "We are known to us and in the next ten we will make a rich circle".

Ron and after Guillermo Dietrich and Dante Sica speak: a & # 39; The first "minor performance" of the last three years; the second one he expected for the economic benefits of 2019 to ask De Angeli.

For his party meeting, the macrismo – between coffee, brownies and fruit salad – gathered in the Araucaria room of Parque Norte, replaced by a Commercial Behavior Center; rule over three decades ago, Armado Cavalieri.

Unnamed, Sica and Bullrich spoke about "Gypsy". The minister regretted his failure to reform the work and hoped Macri's "second term" project on a project where ILO will work as an arbitrator.

"Guild has 1.2 million employees, with an average age of 35, led by a person who is 84 years old," said Sica. Bullrich spoke to businessmen who negotiate with groups as they are "constantly resolved".

The minister was a machine for self-behavior, was worse than María Eugenia Vidal that was opened by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. He recently joined his party with the PRO and climbed to his / her; center.

The man and the man better. He talked about "Moyanos of life" regarding entrepreneurs and unions who do not want to change and he said from 1930 for the first time that "a government whose finishing mafia features will be".

He said to the "Kirchner" the kings: he said they wanted to turn into the power of "Nestor, Cristina, Néstor, Maximus and Florence", and when they were " leave power, Kirchnerism built the ghost of the helicopter. He did Tonight: "In a moment, we were frightened because of an emergency situation we went through, but we're going back."

MIchetti was responsible for the last detection: he said that Macri's government was a " Best of at least from "I am in the State, from 1988" and I expected 2019 to "walk on with good results and grow".

The PRO restricted the re-election of party authorities and introduced gender equality into a day full of women's voices: Vidal is truly ruled by Buenos Aires, Michetti, Bullrich and, among others, Carmen Polledo asked Mauricio 2019.

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