The producers were most satisfied with the Mary Teuw Niane report


The representatives are in the plenary session for a ministry budget approval that ceased at the sum of 195,287,174 705 Fcfa. During this tidy session, attended by Minister Mary Teuw Niane, most of her members, including those from the majority of the Synod, congratulations on his work.
Representatives of the people were highly advocated by the establishment of the NWE and the ISEP.
MP, diaspora Mame Diarra Fam, reminded the minister that the emphasis of student concerns outside Senegal should be emphasized. Indeed, its efforts have been made, according to its work, but we need to support those students who are often sent to their machines abroad. He has been greeted in some areas, including the Bambey area, how the transport was going on; provided by students, as well as the revival of health centers for that one student.
The increase in registration fees in France, according to Pape Sagna Mbaye, will be reviewed on a two-dimensional basis of cooperation. He also emphasized training in our education system divide.
Cheikh Bamba Dièye, regretted the event held in the hemicycle, asking his colleagues to use democratic information.
He will be grateful to the Minister before seeking to strengthen the media in a search area. Accordingly, it must ensure the quality of student features …

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