The profits of LATAM rise by 17% in 2018, due to an increase in operating income


LATAM Airlines, Chile's largest airline, reported a 17% year-on-year increase in its profits in 2018 to US $ 182 million on Tuesday, by increasing income. operating. t

According to the results reported following the closure of the stock market to the Financial Market Commission (CMF), the passenger income in the year of inquiry reached 2018 US $ 8,708 million, compared to the US $ 8,494 million. T in the 2017 fiscal year, an increase of 2.5%.

On the other hand, operating income over the past year has increased by 2.0% in the 2017 fiscal year, reaching $ $ 10,368 million. The group explained that this was due to a "2.5% increase in passenger income and 6.0% in cargo income, which was balanced to a degree by a 14.0% reduction in Travel income. other ".

In addition, the company said that the impact of a real Brazilian decline was representing "a lower average income of about US $ 406 million."

LATAM also said the global economy in 2018 continued to grow, but some key economies experienced growth in the second half of the year due to weakening of financial markets, uncertainty over trade policies and concerns. about it. the expectations of China.

In terms of Chile, he remembered that economic growth was 4.0% in 2018. "Although economic policies, economic growth has been reduced in recent years, explained to some extent by a more volatile world situation. T therefore, this year 2019 expected to grow by 3.4% and for 2020 by 3.2% ", the company associated with the company Cueto the Amaro said.

“In this economic environment, the flexibility of the business model that the Company is putting in place is the key to better economic changes,” he said.

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