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Jason Kenney said that a United Conservative government would introduce Bill 6, a controversial farm safety legislation that encouraged a rural Alberta killer when it was delivered in 2015.

Kenney also said that the PCU would have stopped the continent's review of the continent's K-12 curriculum, called "intellectual rewriting".

These are the latest platform points to be distributed by Kenney following enterprise commitments such as generating a carbon tax and her; including repealed legislation.

Kenney, who was hosted by a number of UCP candidates, also impacted on the economy, public services and the strong relationship. Alberta has met with the federal government during his speech at the PRCP premium conference. The Edmonton Expo Center attracted around 500 people.

"In the coming days and weeks, we will put forward voters with an exciting, hopeful and hopeful insight of the future that will manage our economy, and make a better life for regular people and that will be a battle for Alberta, "he said.

"We give us the most detailed election platform in our province's history."

Kenney said that if he was elected, the PRU would introduce a bill on the Freedom of Farm Act, which would repeat Bill 6.

"We will do that to allow our farmers to grow again," he said.

Challenges for Bill 6 – which provided essential insurance for a Staff Liability Board for farm and land pay workers – which argued that the damage to family farms across the continent.

The challenge opposed the NDP's government to introduce a modified bill to free family farms without staff.

The Minister for Agriculture and Forestry Oneil Carlier tweeted on Saturday that would issue Bill 6 a & # 39; injuring staff. "We will work with farmers and ranks to make safety regulations that make sense to them.

By entering this & # 39; barriers to workplace safety, and the hard work of our stakeholders over the past years (sic), "he made a tweet.

Kenney also said that the PCU would expand a school option and its / eliminating the revitalization of its major curriculum launched by the NDP in 2016. The government is in a position; Planning completed the review by 2022 and a approximate estimate of a $ 64 million price bid.

"We believe that the best childcare specialists have been called me and anything," said Kenney.

"We will stop the ideological rewriting of the school curriculum and we will consult with parents and experts … develop a modern curriculum that focuses on knowledge and essential skills, instead of political agenda and hidden teaching times. "

Earlier this week, Kenney also stated that he would introduce repealed legislation, restrict political action committees and amend the Payroll Protection Act to request any carbon tax referendum what was proposed in the future. Kenney would also solve alcohol consumption rules so that people can drink the streets during festivals.

In terms of employee pay, Kenney said he would bring low wages for young workers in a food industry and restore the NDP requirement to pay all staff for free statutory holidays.

The UCP collection will run throughout the weekend after a week where the new Democrats were also in attendance; look for election. They launched a website called "The Truth About Jason Kenney" on Thursday.

Rachel Notley's chief executive has scheduled a throne lecture to open the legislation on 18 March, and show that an election will be held thereafter.

Kenney's Sunday is available at the media at 4:30 p.m. at the Expo Center.

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