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Administrative justice could stop the State's sale of 49.99% of the capital's management company with Chinese shareholders.

The public administration of the Paris Administration Appeal Court, on Monday 11 March, proposed the removal of partial licensing of the Toulouse Blagnac (ATB) airport, which enabled the Chinese organization Casil. to get 49.99% of the airline's company to 300 million euros. The public rapporteur, which is often followed by his recommendation, will be considered "that it was very big t in the shareholders' selection process.

according to I am complaining about Christophe Lèguevaques, a solicitor of three unions against privatization, the first offer was registered by the Chinese Cashel group associated with the Lavalin SNC, but the last offer was made by Casil company. Initially, the unions were disbanded. "The public alerter confirmed that our audit was carried out, the designations were not respected (the privatization process)"said lawyer, Toulouse, "It's not the victory but it's a big improvement".

The news about the public rapporteur will come just as Chinese owners try to sell from selling their shares. Earlier this year, China's group gave the Lazard permission to tender from investors with an interest in a repeat of the Toulouse Blagnac airport. It would now be worth more than 500 million euro, according to media reports. That is the potential capital benefit of 200 million.

Stéphane Borras de Solidaires 31, one of the consortium members, is opposed to privatization, indicating that a further action has been taken in favor of the Paris Military Court, in order to t don't leave the money t in terms of sales. The consular court is planning to consider Wednesday's application for the arrest of Casil Europe.

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