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Rosa Maria Da Cruz in court on her first day of her trial at the Tulize Assize Court on November 12, 2018.
Rosa Maria Da Cruz in court on her first day of her trial at the Assize of Tulle Court on November 12, 2018. GEORGES GOBET / AFP

The prosecutor introduced the five-year imprisonment, including three Serena mothers, on Thursday, November 22, named Tulle prosecutor in a statement. Rosa Maria Da Cruz had hidden her daughter for two years in the form of her car, and her disability was considered unreasonable.

Mrs. Da Cruz, 50, of her age and mother of three other children, was sent back on 16 November by Assize Court of Corrèze, after five days of trial. The General Pretender was missing eight years in prison and defended their revenge.

Offenders of violence

Her mother was found guilty of her. violence after taking away a permanent disability or disability in a small 15 years by raising, care or food deprivation; infringe a child's health by ascending and aging; hiding that affected the child.

In this case of abuse she was suffered twenty years ago from prison "Permanent" sequelae the child Serena, who is seven years old this weekend, has been living with a five-year hospitality family. She suffers from a "Active deficit at 80%", a "Autistic syndrome may not be" related to restriction and isolation, according to their latest knowledge in mid-2016.

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Séréna is located in October 2013 with an owner of a garage in Terrasson-Lavilledieu, Dordogne. It opened a Peugeot 307 user, who was waiting for repairing the place, and got the child there, alongside bassinet's reputation, weak and dirty, in a health condition.

Disturbing her & # 39; boy

The test saw many experts, psychologists, psychiatrists, an obstetrician geologist who analyzed the mother's psyche, and in general mental disorders associated with animation and maternity. The defense was required "Mental Causes", a "Worrying to be heavy" is followed "Child offending"which was directed to keep the child alive while he was & # 39; very hard on her.

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According to his / her maternal certification and researchers, Serena put her time between the stock, or behind her; car, and a room on the ground floor of the family home, where nobody has ever been. He's not a companion Mme Da Cruz, or their other three children at the time, aged 4, 9, and 10, were not aware of the child's presence or presence.

Solicitor Mme Da Cruz, Chrystèle Chassagne-Delpech, was suggested that his client would be at the time of change "Very little contract". God, the jury "I took care of his personality, because children are, and it is not very useful for a very long sentence". Throughout the trial, relatives and even experts have put pressure on it "Good Mother" the accused was for her other three children, both stable and social.

Rosa Maria da Cruz has also been issued by the Assize Court from any parent authority across Serena.

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