The purpose of the effects has been clarified


Inspectors have clarified the effects of the effects with cortisone provisions

Although cortisone is used successfully in many diseases, it often causes unsatisfactory effects, including the metabolism. So this is why he was now an excellent international research team.

Drugs with a wide range of applications

Cortisone has been ordered by doctors for many situations. Often it is used for inflammation and analogy concepts. Among other things, it is also treated for skin diseases, rheumatism, asthma badchiale, severe diseases or many sclerosis. Although there are not many drugs at any other drug, many of them have a drug; Patient has been protected or protected; frighten cortisone effects. Researchers have now been able to clarify the cause of some serious effects with cortisone preparation.

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Patients who have been treated with cortisone may not have unacceptable antibodies. Researchers now have a clear purpose to clarify some of its effects. (Image: eenevski /

Effects in metabolism

In long-term patients with anti-inflammatory steroids, effects can occur in the metabolism.

Researchers at the Helmholtz Zentrum München and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), members of the German Center for Suicide Tissue (DZD), are now able to clarify an approach with inter- a national that continues to this steroid diabetes.

The results were published in the "Nature Communications" magazine.

steroid of the sugar

"Glucocorticoids such as cortisone have been used for several decades for the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as asthma and non-rheumatism and are the most prescriptive preparation for anti-inflammatory treatment," explains Professor. Dr. Med. Henriette Uhlenhaut in a message.

"But they are also used for self-contained diseases, orgain or cancer re-design," said the Helmoltz Zentrum München (IDO) and Agesity Institute Director of the Cancer and Obesity Disease LMU Gene Center.

"According to estimates, one-thirds of people in the western world, which now respond to more than a million people in Germany, will be treated".

However, their flexibility is limited by a variety of effects that may occur during treatment. These include inappropriate effects on the metabolism.

As the glucocorticoids are connected to their receptor in their cell cells, it is a & # 39; Start to turn several genera off.

"This includes a variety of metabolic genes, and as a result this can cause the steroid diabetes to occur," a & # 39; explains Henriette Uhlenhaut.

New therapeutic options

In the current study, his team, with colleagues from the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin, the Salk Institute of San Diego and the University of Freiburg, examined the exact ways in which the steroids linking to the receiver.

"The E47 transcription factor has been hit, in particular, with the glucocorticoid receptor and its replacement for gene activity, especially in liver cells," said Charlotte Hemmer, a PhD student at the IDO and its & # 39; The first author of the current work is.

"We can work this link through worldwide-wide analysis and genetic tests."

In order to verify their results, the science also examined the relationships in a pre-systematic model.

"Indeed, the lack of E47 in this case was protected from the negative effects of glucocorticoids, and there was a complete E47 administration of steroid related to metabolic changes such as hypoglycaemia, high blood lipids or salted hair , "a & # 39; explains Charlotte Hemmer.

As the parts of the new device are also found in humans, Uhlenhaut and his team, together with clinical cooperative partners, want to find out whether the results will be tested there .

"In this case, a new curative intervention option could be offered to protect the antibiotics of steroid therapy by more defensive drug protection," hopes Henriette Uhlenhaut. (AD)

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