The quality of life of cancer patients is strengthened by the support of the couple


A partner who supports cancer patients before diagnosing "is a positive change in the level of opinion that he is living and attending medical medicine," said Felipe by Jesús Díaz, a doctor and academic from the University of Guadalajara, to Efe.

The doctor in psychology with World Quality Guidelines and Health commented that the adverse effects caused by a & # 39; Cancer diagnosis is laid down if the couple are also an informed person, to help clarify and clarify legends, as they seem to survive.

In the case of a chronic cancer, for example, "people, when they get their judgment, are misleading, when the expectations are very broad, there is a good chance to live," he said.

He also stated that in the network of social welfare patients, the couple and family have a priority, however, that this network may be made up of friends, pets, patient support group and survivors, or a faith organization.

Dr Felipe de Jesús Díaz raised the importance of oncology patients and their social support network to use healthy lifestyles in their thinking practices, for example, to be more selective by doing so. information.

There are estimates that up to 100% of the emotions and enjoyment of people are connected to the. opinion on the environment, and again, so good "cultural nutrition" will welcome your idea of ​​opening, prosperity and hope, which has a positive impact on the cure.

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