The rays of coal that go to a peaceful school (18) AIR VOZDOVCE: D & # 39; They mobilized Marina and Marko in the deep and in the STRUGAN HOUSE, they arrested Nigerian and Somali! | Icon for Black Chronicle


Eighteen-daughter daughter of K.S. from Belgrade, was arrested today in Nikole Đurković Street on Vozdovac, for those who are suspected as a citizen of Nigeria Viktor Mesi (1988).

K. Kiss out in a house where she was in her house; live, endangered by a knife, and how the Messenger is learning, his wild-haired girl escaped from the Niger after he went out and left; ran into the street where she met with a petrol.

Police officers Marina Starcevic and Marko Jovanovic worked hard at the & # 39; her complaint and they went to the house where the crime occurred. On the way, members of the Belgrade Police Intervention Unit were called for assistance.

The police got the people of Viktor Mesija and A.M. (1990), the Somali country, seen evil in a state, stopped arresting. They were drunk, and the Messi tried to escape from the scene.

With effective intervention, the Nigerians, who were then arrested, starred by Starcevic and Jovanovic, assisted by the Intervention Unit.



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