The Real Camps Real Real beat Rome


On Rome night on Tuesday night, the G & # 39; 2-0 group in Real. Madrid de 3-0 lost to Roma at home in the first leg.

Its previous game has been confirmed by its & # 39; Russian club CSKA Moscow at Victoria Plzen in the Czech Republic when the decline in Rome, Real Madrid and Madrid declined. But the party was still in the fight, the rest was still.

Realization of reality in the first half of the game was very frightening. Although most of the time, a & # 39; trying to get the victim attacked, they were all fierce. On the other hand, Roma is scared some of the pre-broken guests.

Roma also got the first chance in the 33 minutes. But midfielder can not be under the control of a member. The team rescues Rafael Verane in the corner of the corner. In the next minute, Serbia successfully succeeded. Alexander Kolav's defense defended his last moment when he returned to the post and rescued it again.

The guests received the best chance just before breaking. An unstable ball of the ball was spun in front of her; wall, Thibo warden was running away on the other side of the curtain and there was no barrier. But Turkey's football fled extremely awesome.

In the second half, in the second half, the challenge of the opponent's error was to be done; Real to Real. Well for the weak head of Federer Fasio to find out on the back of the Roma, Wells on. When he went to the D-box, he sent a ball to his base ball; left leg.

In the next minute, Bell got the gold chance to double its gap in an attack. But the gatekeeper only gets with me.

For the second goal, they did not have to wait long. Karim Benzeema, led by a & # 39; bar at a 59 minute minute, & # 39; mail on barrel. And turtle was needed for the balls found in the exact move. Lucas Voskas did not make any mistakes.

Roma was allowed to reduce the gap in the 67 minutes. Cantor refused to win the ball. But when he failed to submit, the Italian club did not return to the fight.

The three points of Real Madrid in five matches are Roma second with 3 low points.

Second for winning 2-1 in Moscow, Plzen has 4 points in third place. CSKA Moscow has its fourth place in opposition to points equal to the same point.

Bayern Munich and Ayax were tested for the six of the companies; the best. Bayern, who lost Benfica 5-1 in 2-1, defeated Ariana Rabane and Roberto Levandfsky in the Alianj Arena Tuesday, Bayern, with 13 points. With a 2-0 decision over Athens, Ayax has 11 points second.

Third place, Benfica Club Aerial Airport 4

Manchester City's last two sixies are in the company & # 39; F & # 39; a & # 39; draw 2-2 in Leo Field They have a 10-point top. There are two points from the French Leo club of 7 points.

Hoffenham German Club, which has won 3-2 in the range, Ukraine's Shakhtar Donetsk is at third place with 5 points. Huffenham Point 3

Mario Manzoucch is the only goal in the group & H & # 39; hitting Valencia, the last sixteen is confirmed by point 12 of Uvents.

And Marwan Feleni made the same focus as a result of their game, to make sure that the time was knocked down by blocking Young Boy, Manchester United finished at least 10 points.

The Spanish spa club is ranked third with 5 points.

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