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Do you know who are Liliana Petrova, Ivaylo Stoyanov, Martin Bogdanov, Patrick Bachvarov, Ivanka Kaludova and Borislav Delibaltov? Are you totally unidentified? And the reason is – these are the names of births Lili Ivanova, Marius Kurkinski, Martin Karbovski, Uti, Ivana and Boris Dali, for one reason or another, alias or more vocabulary sounding. Most of the personalities that are in place are. Many popular in Bulgaria have tried to break the starry star with early names. It is only when they have replaced them with others that their roles have moved, and weekend writing.

One of the most famous Bulgarians – Lili Ivanova, is Lilyana Ivanova Petrova.Her birth name was very disastrous in the mid 1980s when the singer was titled "Artist's Artist" by Todor Zhivkov. When the songs were unfortunately spreading the "Case of Workers", where they did; They nominated the titles traditionally, they were surprised that Lily had lost the list. Just after that Lilyana Petrova starred clearly. Years later, the pop star changed its name as her personal ID and became Lily Ivanova.

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The worst name in her & # 39; her native Sophie Marinova indigenous exhibition business. Since Sofiyka has the name in her & # 39; first year of her life, she was pleased to show a short film about the Roma pebbles in the TV show. The school leader in the Bruusen town, where she learned "Old Wounds", the school diary. So, Sofiyka's name became Sophie's name when she was born. It was just when it was a popular hit in the Crystal Orchestra. She officially changed his name to Sofia, but to the present day, Sofka's prime minister converted colleagues and friends to her.

Mimosa was the singer of the pop singer Mimi Ivanova in the late 1980s, they are appealing from their surrounding environment. Because her name has a & # 39; A strange pronunciation to a native showbiz, the "15 tulips" player Mimi pulled. However, against each idea, not his spouse, Razvigor Popov, her husband, his name, but a birth name.

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The writer and late humorist Radoy Ralin was born Dimitar Stoyanov. The candidate for President George Ganchev returned 79 years ago by the name Georgi Petrushev. The star from the children's show from the "Million and One Desire" has recently been born Kaka Lara as Lazar Zlatareva. "I think even though my mother and my father have really forgotten my name. I think Kaka Lara is giving me a fortune and # 39 ; s I know it. Some people still think that Kaka's name is ", proved as the actress of the Military Theater. She was not very similar to her true name, Lazarra, because she was very shocking, and she changed her decision. Kaka Lara officially published a petition in her name court on her & her; Her own card was changed to Lara Zlatareva.

Fellow of Satyrat was born of Stoyanka Mutafova, named Stoyana-Maria, but an independent printing in her first performance appearance at the National Theater, who was renowned for her reputation in the 1970s. His actress made sure he gave her a fortune and did not change it. It is Cassiel Noah Asher in her; Most were rebuilt in the drama group. The woman who was very awesome in this world came to the name Desislava Krassimirova Spassova. One day she decided to reiterate Dessa Krasova, and finally chose the name of Kasiel Noah Asher. His co-worker from the National Theater, Vladimir Karamazov, was convinced that the Alexandrov family was not so attractive and he was given a loan from Dostoesksky, the well-known family. Marius Kurkinski was born by the name Ivaylo Stoyanov, but he could not be fond of him. Glory came only when he changed it.

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TV showers have volunteered voluntarily as a revival process. Martin Karbovski's name is the result of his imagination. His nickname was born in 1995, when the incredible journalist edited his & her; The first collection of poems entitled "Deflation". He wanted his family to remember the idol – the famous writer Charles Bukovski.

For 8 years ago, Gala changed her name to her identity card. As an argument in the claim, the woman said she was fond of her name. I have read for myself that it was Galina or Galabina, I was born as a Galia. Well, I'll change it! ", She turned her headHowever, some of its fellow citizens promise to be a small partner; in it, Spaska.He was embarrassed at her girlfriend and he repeatedly performed on Galya. Today Gala has grown.

Peter Bachvarov is the little cooking actress Uti and the late Campbell – Blagovest-Emil. The name of the glory is Duin Deyan Slavchev and Katsi Vaptsarov Krustyo. The designer was born Gina Nick as Ginka Nikolova. Daniel is the old man of Natalia Simeonova, Dennis Rizow.

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The most common popcommkas are after the silicon names. It is known, according to documents, the Rousseau Gloria is Galina Ivanova and Nelina – Nelly Nikolova. Chalga was born idol Azis named Vasil Troyanov Boyanov, but his grandmother, Stanka, a witch and a pagan man advised him to choose a medical alias. Ivana and Preslava also have tough names for the showbiz. The "Champagne and Dears" contractor is on the passport Ivanka Kaludova, and Preslava today Petya Ivanova. Slavi Trifonov and the musicians from "Ku-kung Band" are their grandfathers by poet Sasho Roman. The name of the "I Beat and Hearing" is the name of Alexander Parvanov. For nearly 20 years, he has played with his country and abroad with his Rombos orchestra, and after being involved in the Kuku-Band Channel they have been well-equipped with his talent and turned into the star Sasho Roman. "The Butterfly Butterfly" Kathy is the progress of Ivan Kostov, which was given to Ivan Kostov Ekaterina Mihaylova.

Half of the Valeri Bojinov Alicia, a passport led by Asya Doicheva, but she does not want that fact to be made known to her fans. The same applies to Bonnie, who Bonka Ilieva is on; passport. Borislav Delibaltov is called Boris Dali. His magnificent name, the singer, after retiring as a conductor at a bearded mariner and decided to be a hunting star.

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