The reason made by Joaquín Méndez in MG: he went with the daughter of Camila Recabarren. TV and Exhibition


Last year he visited the set many thanks The model and Chile exMiss Camila Recabarren, Who disappeared a few days ago he spent his & her; away from the morning Hello Chile of the Network. In Mega, he met with the partner Joaquín Méndez, who really started friendship Will you return with your old person.

However, there was another event that a panel program moved by a morning program, since the place also came the little Isabella, who is the daughter of Recabarren.

Her childhood and Mendez apparently had a close relationship when her mother's lover was and she was live together. Apparently, the two stopped trying to see each other often when the "pololeo" finished.


"I find it beautiful and I love it", As Isabella said, as long as the young man was look forward. At the same time, Recabarren explained that he did not stop them from seeing each other, even if they had no couple.

"He always speaks very well with you. And every time I asked about Joaquín, I think that's the best way to make this division. explain to the children to be sure, "said Camila.

The model introduced, in the time the three were living together, Joaquín Méndez played an important role in raising her daughter, which describes its & # 39; love he showed on the screen.

It should be noted that the relationship between both in 2016 and its expansion for about a year began, as they broke in the end of 2017, although both say it is "in good words" her.

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