The reason why thousands of mysteries of "mystery" mystery is open. Teenagers AV actor to remove the movie – China Times News


The AV industry in Japan has succeeded and even abroad overseas delivery. There are always new AV actors who have; coming into the battle. The confidentiality jobs should be expanding and they do not. reduced. I did not expect to find out thousands of secret things in the past; gone. "AV Daren" A sword sword set out in the spring and autumn, saying that the actress AV was the star in the movie.

Since the Japanese mystery film breached the "strong filming" suspicion, the protection of her AV actress was in her & # 39; develop a circle, and her actress started to & # 39; make motions fit to protect themselves, as a sword before Spring Day and Autumn. However, the old actor AV Takeuchi is suspicious because the tile is too long, it's a? It requires many of the jobs that can be found out of the shelf, and that its business has a rule to protect the high women, this is the job; It could not be decided after a fifth year of retirement. It was used to remove the pedestrians from the business. For example, the "Mihiro" who has now retired but is converted to a custom artist to use this clause.

So how many AV works have been deleted? According to numbers, from 20 February to 31 October this year, 136 people have been asked to remove 3,925 jobs. At the end, 111 people and 1,635 jobs were confirmed, and 777 jobs were still being sold, but the women were sold. The name was deleted, and the 136 AV actresses requested their work to be removed, 114 were submitted for identification in living life. 80 people wanted to get married, 57 people got a new job, and they hoped for the time to go. "Black History" can be deleted, and due to the design of the office, only 6 people had to go to the sea to make a movie. One sword said that although the work was destroyed, it was poor, but from the other side, this is a # 39; actress. Some rights, and either, for the protection of staff are also an improvement in the business.

(Times Times Newsletter)

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