The reasons behind the show on the failure of the Queen in Chile


November 24 27 years have passed from death Freddie Mercury, a musician on a British band.

His new reminder has a & # 39; become the success of the film "Bohemian Rhapsody"What is the second one in Chilean theater to date this year.

The Chilean people are present at the cinema theater and not only talk they are interested in playing a & # 39; understand more about the musician's life, but also A small poverty that lived in his own country.

And that is Queen he has never realized the land of Chile Freddie Mercury I live But, it was very close.

In the middle of his visit "Tour of Works", One of the longest in the world and who meant her exhibition in the world Rock in Rio de Brasil, British band considered its ability to & # 39; playing in different countries in Latin America.

along with Brazil, The Mexico, The Argentina and Sile was the best destinations. The last one had considered a concert at a & # 39; National Stadium.

You want to play at our most important sports center in our country they were well present in 1984. In fact, the band I was scheduled on 24 January 1985 to enjoy the people of Chile with music.

However, despite her & # 39; Desire, everything was unhappy with the intervention of the message Augusto Pinochet.

Depending on what is marked by the book "Freak of Music History"Le Joaquín Barañao, Lucia Hiriart, current debtor's widow, expressed by Margarita Riofrío, Navy's Army Seaman, José Merino.

"(Riofrío) he was very harsh (Brian) May regarding video & # 39;I want to break it free& # 39 ;, In which they are & # 39; appear as a male, which affects the characters & # 39; Coronation Street, British telenovela. In my opinion, Her fingers had a & n; enjoying homosexuality among young people", The text says.

These efforts were encouraged to prevent the British band from being exhibited in Chile, which came to an end.

After the show failed, Queen Continue to increase its reputation in the worldwide music. While they were in Chile, religion was kept up to one day on Chilean land.

However, all the captains of hope are held on November 24, 1991, when the death of Freddie Mercury was reinforced and, with this, the division after his band.


Bohemian Rhapsody: how Her Majesty created her mythical song

He is 44 years old, it lasts 5:55 minutes and is a combination of poems, opaque and hard rock. This is "Bohemian Rhapsody", the mythical song of a British band and that's a Bringing his name to the film released on Freddie Mercury's life and other members of the group.

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