On night, Charlotte Hornets celebrated the best players in a 30-year history, voting, Kemba Walker gave them all. Then Jimmy Butler missed the show.

Walker started in licensing registration 60 points lost over time by the end of Hornets & # 39; 122-119 against Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday night. But it was a key feature; to be late in a row in which Walker did not meet the Hornets.

With the corresponding score at 119 and below 30 seconds left, Walker went down to the right side of the Butler front and escalated it for a blade. Butler rose just a bit higher and hinders the picture. Then he saved a save to keep the ball from going out of boundaries.

After a while to set up a final game, Butler put the clock down and back the back 3 step with one second left to give Philadelphia a win.

Walker 21-out-34 ranges from the whole range, including 6-of-14 from a 3-point range, and 12-of-12 cast-free. He put seven reactions, four help and four stole.

Butler finished 15 points in his third game with the 76ers. Squared 33 Joel Embiid 33, which includes 18 in & # 39; first season, and Ben Simmons and J.J. Redick 23 added each one.

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