The region is ready for winter. Buy salt salt free of charge


Thanks to the open competition, the county has saved 200,000 barley this year on the salt that is spread.

November 22, 2018 at 10:37 AM ETA

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA. The Banskobystrický samoobslužný department has been providing cheaper salt salts of ten tons per tonne cheaper than that; Average price for spreading salt for comparative contracts in Slovakia. Marcela Glevická, Head of Public Relations, said that he was EUR 57.40 in. average average for salt delivery for the next session but not including VAT per tonnes. "We've cut the average price with around 7 euros compared to the last season," she said.

"In this year's season, Bkraj maintained 20,000 tonnes of salts. If we changed this amount of salts with the average price of the freight exchange, we would paying a theory of 10 tons per knowledge, so we can take financial savings of 200,000 euros plus VAT, "said Martin Daniš, the office's public procurement director.

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More challenging area and better price

The exposed salt price has a significant impact on delivery costs, It may be possible to climb up to 50% of the total cost in certain situations, depending on the place and the ground where the salt is to be carried. The delivery is more complex, higher than the price, which is often true for the fossil areas of Banskobystrický kraj.

"We have built a powerful buying system that we are creating to deliver the salt that has made many benefits over the framework or purchase agreements of the freight exchange . During the case, in this case, there are 4 winter games, we can be suitable for new providers, thus promoting an open competition, so that & # 39; increasing its weight on price, "said Denmark, saying that in terms of the delivery of salts for this winter of the season and applying appropriate applications for 7 or 8 individual applicants.

"It's another good advantage of such an open competition that you can set the terms and conditions according to your needs, for example, when happening things are remarkable during the winter, we do not take advantage of the contagious dimensions, without contract, without sanctions, if we find the salt needed, to identify a new call and make the necessary numbers, "he explained.

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