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Rao Xianjun, an online Economic Observer reporter "Tenants are expected, because the current taxpayer rent, if you need to complete information related to the company due to the tax related documents , the person who completes their account (20% of the annual rent) will be the taxpayer problem, so If you need to be unimportant, do not include the address of the house badly. "

Recently, a number of directions translators gave notice to tenants such as this, requiring tenants without privately informed information about how to do so. deducting personal income tax.

According to a tax reform policy that was introduced again, starting from 1 January 2019, if there are individual housing rent costs, they can apply the corresponding special tax purposes available. According to different cities for rent, the rate of donation for housing rent is divided into 1500 and 1100. There are three levels of 800 yuan, and the towns that are just under central government, urban cities, towns Listed separately, and other cities by the United States Council are determined by the rate of 1,500 yuan.

To inform a rent that can not be removed, the rent must complete the details of the developer. If the herbalist is an individual, you must complete the housing information, the landlord's name, and the ID number. If the contributor is a group, you must submit a name and a united company; company. A credit code.

According to many reporters, some of the small and medium-sized intermediate ones have already sent to tenants, asking tenants to inform the landlord privately. So, when tax problems arise, all taxes will be borne by the farmers.

An interface store manager in Hangzhou told journalists: "Now most of the tenants do not know how to handle the report, and there is no landlord information, so we need to tell them all as soon as possible ".

The store manager, in the past, said that many tenants have advised lets to rent a tax. At the same time, some tenants have taken a copy of the landlord's ID card when they sign up to; rent contract, and they have already begun to complete the report themselves. In fact, it does not matter, the landlord's tax is a burden, but the landlord is charged with a fee, he will surely be added to his / her; rent, for the tenant, the landlord, including intermediate, it is not unwanted. "

In accordance with the "Chinese Republic of China Single Income Tax Fee Charging Regulations", the income generated by people who rent a mobile property within a taxable income area, personal input. According to business resources, indeed, landlords who have a tax payment on rent income and # 39; Counting only a very small number, and most of the taxpayers who have a & # 39; Rental fees on rented houses are regular long-term negotiations.

Recently, the confection motors such as ice cream and windows have given specific action management to renters to bring taxes. The window told the storytellers that the window was always paying the amount of taxes and fees, and so this time was removed The tax declaration will not be deducted affect the tenant, and the tenant can usually report; If it is free, he will respond in his public number that the current account account process will not affect the landlord.

Compared to long-term long-standing luxury motors, this output report has a greater impact on landowners and tenants rented by people or organizations. Pang Jiulin, leader of Beijing Law Law Men, says publicly that the tenant is deducting the result is the same as being the same. The ban on the landlord's taxes. For example, the tenant rescues 50 yuan after the trial, and the landlord must pay 500 yuan, and the final 500 yuan will still be rented. Passenger cattle.

According to the Caijing report, the landlord should pay three types of tax and tax, which is the income tax deduction for the rent of a house, that is, the enhanced value tax, the property tax and the income tax. As a result of sending out a & # 39; cost, the current general tax level is 5.6%. "Promoting, this tax level is lower than the" 20% rent "that some media users have ignored, but in most cases it is more higher than the tax that the tenant can remove.

For example, if the tenant enters 8,000 yuan per month and the monthly rent is € 39; costs 2,000 yuan, the tenant can deduct a 45-yuan tax per month after the trial, and the landlord must pay a personal income tax of 112 yuan. If the tenant enters 17,000 yuan per month and a monthly rent will be charged; costs 4,000 yuan, the tenant can charge a fee of 150 yuan per month, and the landlord must pay 224 yuan.

Under such circumstances, several reporters told reporters that they were willing to negotiate with the landlord and refused to say. At the same time, a large number of tenants posted on social networking sites such as Weibo, were less than the tax that was converted to & # 39; exceed the landlord's payment. Tax, or did not choose to tell.

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