The report says that Sebastián Piñera was getting a damp of 800 m2 on Lake Caburgua for him


Certainly, the event led by the president of Gasco, Matías Pérez Cruz, who expelled three from the coasts of Lake Ranco, arguing that he was "his garden", which became one of the The most controversial news of the last week. .

The Minister for National Asset, Felipe Ward (UDI), finalized the task of ensuring that the place was where the people were in attendance; suffering from the beach, that is, a place for public use, and sometimes too The fact that there are no private beaches in Chile.

However, there are tools to be private – in terms of profitable reasons – capable carried out type of "private beach" through sea reduction, and how it was published The Dynamo, even even President Sebastián Piñera himself.

According to the publication, there is more at its president 800 square meters of beach at Lake Caburgua, La Araucanía Department, and to achieve this, he made an approach that started and included key steps during his first government.

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The request for marine conception was given by Sebastián Piñera Echenique himself before Pucón celebrated on April 19, and in the document he said that he had his reason "Provide marriages to your house by arranging". In addition, it included some "fiscal developments" as two ramp, hangar, tennis court, wall, beach access, terrace, roof, slab (with barbecue) and walls, with a 10 year confirmation ".

The claim states that the applicant has the initiative to settle "existing resources", as a result have taken a "illegitimate" place since 2001, although according to a technical report the first buildings would be installed irregularly as early as 1990.

Among the authorities that analyzed the application are the Captain Puerto Villarrica, a marine authority that expanded Two technical reports that accepted the request, and the marine governance government and the Directorate of Marine Interests and Water Environment (Dirimar).

This was done under the coordination of the Marine Affairs Department, which is the responsibility of the Ministry of National Defense, at that time led by Seanad RN, Andrés Allamand.

Previous ones, which were added to the SII's assessment, permitting the agent's request to be agreed. Despite this, a number of years passed and just in June 2017, already in the second government of Michelle Bachelet, the suppression was extracted to present the sea reduction in a section of the beach in the & Pucón company.

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