The reporter of S4ista who was dealing with a water complaint


March 12, 2019 10:58 AM
Last updated on March 12, 2019 11:51 AM

A man who identified himself as Juan Carlos Duque Moncada a brutal journalist Luis Gonzalo Pérez when he faced a complaint of water shortage in Hornos de Cal on the Francisco Fajardo road in Caracas.

Moncada claimed the reporter was guilty of a drinking water service and asked him, in addition, to recognize Nicolás Maduro as president of the Republic.

“We have no water since the people involved in the government's crushing got. You are an enemy. Who is your president? Nicolás Maduro Moros is your president, do it again, "he said.

Alternatively, residents of the community stated that they did not have a service from the last Thursday.

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