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PM Modi will refer to a rally at Hubli Karnataka

PM Modi will talk to rally at Hubli & nbsp | Karnataka & nbspPhoto Credit: & nbspANI

Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu: Prime Minister Narendra Modi referred to public meetings in Tìruppur Tamil Nadu, Guntur in Andhra Pradesh and Hubli in Karnataka Sunday. He also opened a number of development projects in the states.

During a visit to the Tamil Nadu, he revealed several development projects from the Perumanallur village in Tiruppur and laid a foundation on a multi-agency hospital at the Tiruppur State Insurance Company (ESIC).

Modi also provided a passenger service for a section of Metro Metro from the Metro AG-DMS station to Metro Washermenpet Station, established by PM. This 10km section forms part of Stage 1 of Chennai Metro. With this part 45 km of the phase I and # 39 project; come true.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Modi also faced a public rally in Guntur when he went to Andhra Pradesh after the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) walked out of his NDA partnership led by BJP last year. Preventing the leader of the TDP and CM Chandrababu Naidu in respect of "to" look back "to his age, as father-in-law of NT Rama Rao, PM Modi said there was more CM was interested in going to & # 39; Encourage his son to work for state growth. "He promised Sunrise in Andhra, but it's only a Mac boost," said Modi.

PM Modi at Karnataka BEACH concerts

7:46 f: While he was & # 39; responding to the rally at Hubli, the Prime Minister said that the government worked with a vision for improvement for all, including children, young people, old people and farmers. He said, "Bachhon ko Padhai, The h mph East North Easterly ko kamai, The buzzurg ko dawai, The kiss ko sinchai gold jan jan ki sunwai, The isi sarkar pair vision aagae mouth i got her hai "

7:35 f: "With this huge collection here, I see the change in Karnataka's political situation," says PM Modi in Hubli. The Prime Minister also paid respect to the Siddaganga observer Mutt, Shivakumara Swami who "spent all his life to the victims and the fringe."

7:20 f: After visiting Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, PM Modi arrived at Hubli in Karnataka on Sunday afternoon. He placed the foundation stone of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the Indian Information Technology Institute (IIIT) – Dharwad. He also co-founded the country of E-Griha Pravesh of 2,350 houses built under PMAY (U) at Dharwad, ANI statement.

5:00 pm: "Our lawyer gave a bill for 10% conservation for the poverty of the general department and we did this without changing the existing retention system, Modi said.

4:55 f: I am measuring to bring me an example where the BJP has changed the social justice system in the country. On the other hand, it was the third face government, where DMK and Congress raised conservation in advances for the communities of SC and ST, PM Modi

4:48 f: Watch the full speech of Narendra Modi:

4:35 f: The K-Kamraj Reverend from your country was a dream that they had a free-standing government. You have a government in Delhi that does everything to lock pollution people, Modi said to her; collected at the time of the public meeting.

4:25 f: In secret of the president of P Pidambaram, Modi said, "the ministerial statement from Tamil Nadu thinks he knows everything." "Minister Mr Recounting, middle of your refusal," he said.

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