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According to Colonel Tuyen, Tuan was responsible for being able to; Acting "incompatibility adversely damaging" and being banned from a & # 39; leaving the country.

According to the case file, on 25/5/2017, Mr Truong Quy Duong – General Hospital Director (BVDK) of Hoa Binh has signed a contract with Thien Son Company to repair and maintain the RO water system . No. 2 of the original wild hooks of Hoa Binh's hospital.

On signing day, Mr Do Anh Tuan has "offered back" to Tram Anh Company for the repair of the RO water filter system.

Renewable failure in Hoa Binh is a major medical problem.

Renewable failure in Hoa Binh is a major medical problem.

On May 28, 1974, Bui Manh Quoc, director of the Tram Anh Company, went to Hoa Binh Hospital to repair the No 2 water purification system according to the content signed between the Thien Son hospital and the Hoa Binh hospital. Bui Manh Quoc used to exclude chemicals for medical purposes to make an Aqua water purification system. 2 and to keep this amount on the pipeline.

Tran Van Son (Hoa Binh's Hospital Equipment and Supplies Office) is a fan of Bui Manh Quoc's repair. When the repair is made, the country will contact the Son on the phone, the next morning will be available and will provide water samples for a test based on AAMI standards. After that, Mac called a nurse to lock the door and said "… it was set, the morning tomorrow can usually work."

In the next morning (29/5/2017), Hoang Cong Luong's doctor and doctors in both magic guards with hearing messages said that there was a system of contacting DE water. 2 correction, so dialysis for. patient. As a result, nine patients died.

After the incident, the police in the Hoa Binh division opposed the accused of Hoang Cong Luong and Tran Van Son on "unreasonable" adversely damaging ", Bui Manh Quoc on crime "to kill people without a doubt"

In mid-May 2018, tested, court sent the case for further investigation due to & # 39; Many situations need clarification.

After several times to carry out a review, Hoang Cong Chong Luong's doctor costs the "unexpected kill".

The review group also complained Mr Hoang Dinh Khieu – Deputy Director and Head of Positive Rehabilitation; Tran Van Thang – who was the head of the goods department and Mr Truong Quy Duong – who was a director of Hoa Binh's hospital.

Nguyen Duong – Dam Quang

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