The request for Galaxy S10 is good. Mezigeneran is growing, a hard producer


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In addition to the dedicated 5G version of the Galaxy S10, it will only be available in selected sections, depending on the presence of generation of islands from the island, collecting the model modules such as S10e, S10 and S10. +.

Samsung started taking orders on Monday, 4 May, and throughout that day, according to editor editors of The Investor magazine (The Korea Herald), the Korean market reached 140,000 units. The income for the new income is compared to that of the Vlan, which is more than 20 per cent.

Last year, the tandem S9 / S9 + 180,000 lasts for the first day. The best result than Note 9, which is compared to S9 +, shows a large panel and a multi-made stamp. So far, the 200,000 users have ordered one day in a single day.

Some inspectors are weak about the new Galaxy S10, including 5G change. It will be available later in the market on selected markets. According to the analyst, the first model is a Galaxy Fold. It comes to market in May, compared to the S10 priced priced price of around 60,000 crowns.

Men 's requests are also a writer and an overall reduction in sales in a telephone telephone sector. It's just the same as smartphones, which only Apple can sell for a long time. Even strong strong seasons had dropped behind their back in iPhones sales (in large: Apple is in big trouble with iPhones. Low sales are low).

The 410 version of the S10 supports the marketing campaign, which will see a 4G version of the phone purchased to take advantage of the new version, backed up by the five generation pt. It also provides, as might be expected, a serious option for areas where the telecommunications infrastructure is required to complete 5G compliance.

Cheap draft and mon memory with memory memory. Samsung introduced the I10 jubilee

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Talk to Samsung about the S10 award

Samsung's media messages in the middle specified that the total number of orders for the Trio S10 was 20% higher than the S9 command.

the magazine is not published by the Investor talking to answer, for example, don't think of books sold through local staff as a winner. To date, the Galaxy S10 series sales statistics have been released by Samsung.

Pzniv first and from home

According to eskho production of the company, we are up to date with the new Samsung giant models, you were not surprised. The organizers should receive an advance booking at the eighth day, but now it is clear that they are unable to find everything. Nkte will need to read their new mobile phones even 14 days.

The S10 is still not historic, and compared with the models S9 / S9 +, there is fewer blood vessels. It is a version with an internal memory, 512GB or 1TB locum is not the best of the pioneers (feeling that the burns are customers, esca in the Samsung S10).

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