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It was a summer and summer summer record. in Sweden this year, and those who spent outdoors got a lot of D-potatoes from the sun's ray. When the ultraviolet urea is at sunset, hitting the skin, there will be a chemical migration that will; begins with a vitamin D and begins, and it's a & # 39; sun is the best cause of sweetness. During a sunny summer day, the body can make a lot more vitamin D than the daily use that is recommended for a quarter to 20 minutes.

But how long is it? In genuine vitamin a body in vitamin D? Because it is softened, it is stored in the body's salted meat, but not for a long time, is a & # 39; writing.

"Who thinks it's enough until the next summer. Vitamin D's half-life is between three weeks and two months, saying Johan Malm, Professor of Clinical Chemistry at Lund university to

One can be open a sun that can be converted to vitamin D in the body by the end of the autumn equinox, but then it's a? sun is too low for vitamin D, to write the site. Then it will be at least two months as it is stored in the body's fat machine. But how big is a person's stock and how long & # 39; Yes, it's pretty different, according to Johan Malm. It's harder to be obar, dark and old people who create and write; store vitamin D, to the site's writing.

But also people with Good use of vitamin D from the sun can not save any money. For anyone who does not eat vitamin D foods, such as oily fish (such as herring and salmon) but also wood fungi (for example, cantalpepe), it may be good to vitamin vitamin D san t-snow to the equinox spring in March. The daily use offered for food is 10 micrograms.

– You can not poison with vitamin D from the sun or food. However, vitamin D additions can rarely add to poisoning, saying Johan Malm to

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