The researcher He Jianku pursues genetic practices despite himself; protect themselves


The statement was presented in a glossary conference in Hong Kong, which brings together researchers around the world in a & # 39; subject. In a lecture on Wednesday, he said he was "proud" of his inquiry and said that there was another attempt to reproduce changes to his mind.

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He was at the beginning of the week, the researcher himself, through his Youtubekanal, said that he used to use the Crispr / Cas9 gene scissors, generating a pair of gene to protect them from HIV.

Is the claim true, the two new sisters, Lulu and Nana, are the first people who have not changed the world.

The researcher He Jianku.

The researcher He Jianku.

Photograph: Mark Schiefelbein / AP

But it is banned to be & # 39; The use of genetic engineering on people in most countries; Despite the interventions that have been proven yet confirmed, they have built disputes among researchers all over the world.

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A conference that was first launched in genetics has come to a limited degree of research. During Wednesday, a number of the speakers were criticized. Nobel laureate and biologist David Baltimore said interventions are a symbol of devolution problems with researchers.

"Those interventions would be considered irresponsible," he said.

Chinese authorities say On Tuesday they are very concerned about the procedure and have launched an inquiry into the He Jiankuis research. At the same time, Sustech University of Technology, Shenzhen, where he is a professor of Jiankui, says he was empty since February and that the university did not know about the interventions.

He said that Jiankui says that eight parents reported themselves as volunteers to the project and only one left behind.

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