The Rev. Nguyen Thanh Hoa out of his behalf for losing control when he was in a position; answer


On the afternoon of the 22th of November, in the case of a lawyer, the old commander of C50 Nguyen Thanh Hoa said, on 31/8/2018 after he was going to resist his / her; In case, he sent it to the Public Education Court and the convener for taking responsibility for crime Stopping up occupations and long-term powers; they are on duty.

"The day before the question, I just wanted to explain the legal relationship between the C50 and the CNC and the relationship with the subjunction should only lead to a lack of control against its opinion you have signed in. For a panel interview, I strongly respond to the Panel and the VKS and his companions have been a witness, by Mr Nguyen Van Duong – CNC, "said Mr Hoa.

Mr Hoa looks forward to Duong's sympathy and his / her. affirms that Yang and CNC have contributed much to the C50.

Now it's "accepting the way the campaign includes, agrees with the crime, the achievements, they do not know what it is". Trial today, he apologized to the Ministry of Public Security and was cleared "to raise C50 to advanced units to prevent crime."

"I came here to influence the Ministry of Public Security, Party Party, and I look forward to the investigation of our Panel, which sets out the situation of the family to reduce their penalty, create situations for mourning without meeting the last time. I do not have my health but my health is good. I'm worried I am about all high tech crime activists all over the country because I've put rid of the beautiful images of the soldiers,

Phan Sao Nam thanked VKS for his innocent

On the afternoon of the November 22, in defense, the president on VTC Online was only in about two minutes agreeing to the campaign and thanked the deployed agent sensible. He has no other comments than the reports he sent to the court and gives it to the lawyers.

Phan Sao Nam afternoon 22/11. Photograph: Giang Huy.

Phan Sao Nam afternoon 22/11. Photograph: Giang Huy.

On the 21st of November, the competition process processed on South Vietnam to "totally enter the crime". He gathered his $ 1,080 billion surveyor from the south, blocking property bank, A total of 249 billion VND, the asset is backed by a VND 1,300 billion, which reaches 90.7%.

Due to many situations, under the People's Covenants of the Phu Tho country, Nam has full positions for the crime that is under the crime of the lowest crime. VTC chairman offered a penalty sentence: 3-4 years imprisonment Gambling organization, 3 years of crime Silver network, complete penalty of 6-7 years.

Solicitor: Phan Sao Nam has a credit in licensing gambling games

As one of the three men who protected the people, lawyer Hoang Huong, said, Investigate more than one million records in the 10-day record table for 10 days.

Offending a gambling group that the client had recommended to commit the crime, the lawyer declared that they put out, seeking loyalty.

Solicitor Hoang Huong. Photograph: Giang Huy.

Solicitor Hoang Huong. Photograph: Giang Huy.

According to the lawyer, Nam is in the dedication of science technology that has been a good student in business management and technology.

Nam's goal is to develop the RikVip game, to become an intellectual property of Vietnam's technology, to export abroad, creating income to the country. In fact, the Rikvip game is to build online games abroad. But Vietnam's lawsuit system does not build up. The editing of this game is & # 39; Producing players that Rikvip is legitimate. So, it is believed that Rikvip is allowed.

From a business cooperative with Nguyen Van Duong, CNC president – a professional company of the Department of Serious Crime and high tech use, Southern Constabulary is strengthened.

The lawyer said Phan Sao Nam also heard from CNC staff that they turned on data from time to time to help police organizations to explore some of the events that were played by players. of the service. These features mean that Sao Nam Phan believes that many organizations and individuals from state management agencies in this area are experiencing; show "recognizing" the service they are doing.

"I and the client do not organize and work the line of the drawing line but do not expect that the Testing Panel will consider the situation of crime, to discharge Some of the governing bodies, "said Guidelines.

Just as a lawyer Pgu Trung Hoai, Nguyen Van Duong, today's lawyer Hoang Duong told the Vinaline case that he had been saying; including former former headteacher, Yang Chi Dung for a & # 39; mocking his friend. Mr Huong said that the General Court of Law in the province of Phu Tho is unhappy when it is a crime issue Silver network The source of crime is also the subject of a cash call.

Mr Duong said that if Duong Chi Dung and Giang Kim Dat are free from Money Laundering, in the same situation, the male is also worthy of such

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