The richest comet in 2018 will light up the wings of the night this week (PHOTOS)


Keep your eyes surrendered to the air because the most promising comet in 2018 is about making it look like it.

According to EarthSky, Comet 46P / Wirtanen is expected to go closer to its & # 39; sun on December 12 and closer to Earth on December 16th, when it's 12 million km away.

Kat Kelly, a rhetorologist at the Vancouver Macmillan Space Spaces Center, says that 46 / P a & appear as a blue-blue lamb member in the sky.

Although lightball is known to continue, 46P will not result.

"We do not seem to see a tail," Kelly told Daily Hive. "Just the main part of a snowball."

She says that there is a "dirty snowball" in the sky that is in a wood. "They are quite like ice and gravel are wrapped together with fragments of dust and rock."

Spaniards from around the world have already been able to see the comet a & # 39; the use of high-tech telescopes.


46p / Wirtanen / (Edgar CastroBathen / Facebook)


46p / Wirtanen / (Edgar CastroBathen / Facebook)

Images show a member of a turquoise ball that is growing in the sky sky with a thin tail, behind.

Brett Gladman, professor of the Department of Education and Science at the University of British Columbia, says that he is the oldest comedy in 46P – a & # 39; The first sight in the 1940s – which arrives at Jupiter on his / her; 5-year orbit cycle.

"It's been close to the sun and washed a lot of her tail," said Gladman to Daily Hive.

Those wishing to see 46Ps should go out to a very dark outer place on the afternoon of December 15 or 16, and when the comet is closest to the ground.

Kelly says that the best time to look between 12 and 2 m will be and the comet will have a & # 39; looking south.

"If people know the Orion Constellation & # 39; [46P] it's pretty at the top to the south, "she said.

But Gladman gives a warning not to get "on everything" about the scene because it's hard to see the comet. "He'll be fanny and loose," he said.

If you are a residence in the town, you prefer to go out to the deepest place you find, and look up for a turquoise glow. And if you do not see 46P this time, it will be back in another 5 years.


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