The richest in the UK expects oil and gas areas to North Sea


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He is the founder and chairman of Ineos by Jim Ratcliffe

The richest person in Britain, James Ratcliffe, is hoping to expand his barrel on the North Sea by going to # buying oil and gas fields from the people of ConocoPhillips SA.

Mr Ratcliffe, Ineos and ConocoPhillips, have confirmed that they are in special speeches.

Amongst existing resources, 6% of Chonoco are in the Clair area, west of Shetland.

There may be 7 billion barrels of oil in the field, according to BP chief executive, Bob Dudley.

BP recently purchased a 16.5% complaint in the Clair range from ConocoPhillips, which accounts for 45.1% of UK oil spectrum.

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Reports indicate that the stock that ConocoPhillips can sell is worth £ 3bn (£ 2.3bn).

They do not include the company's business limit in Teesside or to a commercial trading firm based in London.


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Clair oil range lies 46 miles west of Shetland Islands

North Atlantic remains a very new place for Mr Ratcliffe and Ineos.

The £ 21bn billionaire is made for the richest one in the UK according to the Sunday Times wealth list, traditionally invested in special chemicals.

Ineos owns a Grangemouth oil spinning site in Scotland that makes a range of petrochemical materials used in a wide range of materials, including bottles, a food pack and the medicine industry.

Ineos received a number of Northern Ocean gas areas in 2015 before buying an oil and gas industry with Dong Energy in Denmark for a £ 1bn two years later.

The Sunday Times said Ineos had set up a bonus for three months of special lectures with ConocoPhillips.

Ineos refused to say.

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