The richest in the UK say they are going to plan the UK to avoid up to £ 4bn in taxes


It appears that he was also a great supporter for the United Kingdom.

The richest man in Britain, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, says he is planning when he left the UK, to establish his home and fortune in Monaco.

The Sunday Times reports that the highly successful pro-Brexit photocopier, which was augmented in 2018 for its services to business and investment, has been working with a high quality accounting company on a tax avoidance plan.

Ratcliffe is the founder of Ineos of a petrochemical empire and estimates a £ 21bn fortune.

He would move to Monaco of the UK Finance Department of the region between £ 400m and £ 4bn.

This would make Ratcliffe one of several pro-Brexit supporters to move from the UK, including James Dyson and his / her; his company to Singapore, by John Redwood who advises owners to put their money outside Britain, Jacob Rees-Mogg's money opening in Dublin, and Nigel Lawson calling for a French resident.

John McDonnell MP, the UK defender's chancellor, told The Guardian that he was "extremely disappointed" by moving Ratcliffe to Monaco to save a tax:

"I'm surprised, because this is a real person. We do not talk about someone who is in his position or something like that. For every penny that will be avoided in this way in taxes, what does that mean?

"It means that the NHS does not deal with a patient as well as possible, it means that our children do not have a & They get their full investment in education and it means less safety on our streets. A good country for living, just give us a donation like our rest . "

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