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Wednesday, 21 November 18 08:10 AM (GMT + 7)

Chrysalis Faliq Nasimuddin is still in love with this second wedding.

Chryseis Tan is a well-known girl in the Rich Asian Family Association with over 350,000 fans on Instagram. Not only does the people look after the great life of Chryseis but also the marriage of a person who has the same power in Malaysia.

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The two Chrysanthemums – Faliq Nasimuddin Chryseis Tan are identifying a & # 39; his first marriage in Japan

Chryseis Tan is the first daughter in her 11 sons. President Vincent Tan, fortune of $ 1.1 billion. Vincent Tan is president and Chief of the Berjaya Group, the owner of three world football clubs and co-owner of Los Angeles Football Club.

At the same time, her husband, Faliq Nasimuddin, former headteacher and chief executive of the Naza Group, one of the largest in the Malay car industry. He is also a son of Tan Sri Nasimuddin Amin, the founder of the largest private company in Malaysia with businesses in the transport industries, minerals, aerospace and telecommunications.

A couple – Chrysanthemum Dancer Faliq Nasimuddin continued to wedding on 2/2/2018. However, it is unlikely that their couple are still satisfied. Recently, their golden couple kept their second marriage in Japan. Because anyone can not cost this, it's not hard to spend money with them. So, to make a marriage service again, they do not. making money unfortunately.

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The DIP group is present at the second wedding of the golden couple

His wedding was held on November 17 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Kyoto, Japan. Asked by the BAZAAR magazine when asked why Chrysis was going to keep her up, wedding again, she said:We want a private, close-up family and friends. "

The couples choose this time because autumn is the best time for Chryseis and Kyoto, Japan for the same reason.

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Chryseis won the expensive cost of Oscar De La Renta with beautiful itean

At the second wedding, Chryseis chose his expensive dress at the Oscar De La Renta company. The dress is designed by hundreds of wild plants and feathers. The long white screen turned the skirt to a fairy tale. Prabal Gurung's clothing was designed by rich children. The modern dress of the modern modern mermaid dresses.

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The second granny has been sent to families and close friends

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Brimmed metamorphosis with impressive jerseys

Although not the first one, the Chrysalis couple – Faliq Nasimuddin still have a & # 39; play and pay for this second marriage. The wedding got enough attention to Instagram networks. Everyone was introduced for the sweetness of a rich and beautiful "wealthy woman". Many people are not jealous of their lives that are very difficult.

Earlier, she took a couple's wedding in her & # 39; February 2018 is very fast, expensive. At that time, their wedding was at a five-star touring station in the northwest of Kula Lumpur (Malaysia), a view like the castle between the woodland. The wedding event was promptly prepared with 1,300 guests from around the world. Chryseis wished to spend a wedding dress with Yefta Gunawan with beautiful decoration. His couple also danced along the backdrop of the song "You make me" be very happy with all the guests.

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Earlier, a couple wedding in February, 2018, was very expensive at the tourism of five stars in the northwest of Kula Lumpur,

The richest son in Malaysia is organized as! - 7

There are 1300 guests from around the world to take part in this gold wedding

Suddenly, along with her sister as a special hot girl, Bui Tien Dung

The girl is a hot girl known in the six-legged girl.

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