The rider killed her grandmother who kept a knife away from the area


After he had killed his grandmother in Long, Nam brought the knife to the car and went back to Ho Chi Minh Town to continue to cause the crime, with the camera taken of the camera. T camera.

On the 12th March, Nguyen Hoang Nam (26 years old of his parents and grandmother in Hoc Mon area, Ho Chi Minh City) were recognized as suspicion of killing Dang Thi Net (58) in Longford Cang commune, district of Can. Rhizome. Namibians served with four people in about 2 hours, in 3 places close to 50 km apart

Victims in Ship Are the grandmother of a girl who is suspected of trading in a house opposite the Long Cang Market. One day after the event, the house closed around 20 m2, built of corrugated iron, which closed the door. On the doorway and below the stone, a lot of blood color was still scattered. This was where she was killed.

Squirrel gates where Ms. was suspected. To kill Net. Photo: The Nam

The house where Mrs Nang was murdered. Photo: Hoang Nam.

Local government claims that this house was rented by Miss Net's youngest daughter and his daughter (3 daughters).pork, pork, sausage. Because of the favorable business, a year ago, they took the couple from Ho Chi Minh City to stay more than 2 km away to be looked after.

“She and her husband have a gentle personality, they don't know that their children don't really talk to anyone,” said the neighbor.

More recently, her grandson is 22-year-old and has feelings for Nam. I knew that this young man would be imprisoned, with a life of a woman playing games lion, that the family had stopped him.

Images of cameras round about show, at 11: 50pm on 11 March, that Mrs Net inserted the meat table with the key to open the door. A few minutes later, he was suspected of seeing his jacket and black sportswear appeared. He suffered a Ms Net in a row, and then screwed the knife that drained his car to flee.

The victim was injured but tried to run 50 meters to get help, he died on the pavement. "Listening to 39, save me; 39, I ran till I saw him, found out without moving in the blood of the blood," said the neighbor to me, at that time that the The road is very empty, and only a few people go but no one has noticed.

Having been a cause of crime, Right to Ho Chi Minh Town, Duong Cong Khi Street (Hoc Mon), stop the black nylon bag containing two knives and a screwdriver. Run to the clothes shop in kettle Tan Hiep, the suspect killed his mother. He went to Xuan Thoi Thuong commune (with the Hoc Mon area) to kill his grandmother and her father.

At 22:00 the same day, he took the knife and went to find his sister.

The police must keep him from destroying his language suicide. Picture: Police are given.

The police must keep him from destroying his language suicide. Photo: The police provide.

According to the research, at noon on the day of the project, after playing the majestic gemstones, thinking that families on both sides forced me to be angry, they decided. to kill everyone.

The second child is a male, from childhood, and has collected friends. The gold theft has led to over 11 years. 8 months ago, she was released from prison and his parents separated. But, they still wanted the marriage of Nam, to wish them to do business.

Living a short time, the couple met in a rival, his wife left. If they live with his mother and sell clothes and sell goods at his home in Tan Hiep commune. He often collected relatives to use stone drugs.

Men move over 40 km to kill 4 people. Photo: Le Huyen.

Men move over 40 km to kill 4 people. Photo: With Huyen.

Hoang Nam

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