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A French woman who looks like Rihanna is trying to find one because most of the men who came to amaze them were amazed by the singer.

He is said to have come to terms with Sertalf, 23, who comes from Martinique in the West Indies, but who lives in France, and is looking to the Barbadian singer. T after her uncle noticed that she was just a teenager.

Accordingly, her mother was responsible for a photograph of Rihanna, 31, on a cover magazine when she saw him.

He said: “I've been single for about a year, but I wouldn't be related to someone who sees them like Rihanna & 39; and not from the same place.

“When I talk to someone and hear me Rihanna & # 39; too often [when we’re hanging out], I give [on them] for I cannot make a decision whether the person rejoices about Rihanna or if they want to know me. That's why I'm single.

I've been wrong because Rihanna is very good. I usually do this when I am in tourist attractions. “I remember a woman appeared and I was quite shy. She accepted that she was speaking English and she spoke to me asking if she could take a photograph, and I agreed. It was not the first time.

“But then she asked me,“ Are you really Rihanna? # 39; full of joy. “I felt like I was breaking her heart by telling her that she was not, but I am quite funny in these situations.

“My friends and family will be funny too. Once my mother has found a cover in her mailbox with Rihanna and sent it to me, I thought you are it.

“The funny thing is when people talk about them feeling they are secret. I always laugh at them to show them what I have heard. It is a shame.

“But when young children press on their parents, it's Rihanna's, it's beautiful. Sometimes even if I tell them that I am not, they think we are lying down.

“I always tell the truth immediately. Because I'm worse than that and I'm talking to French people I'm long enough. # 39;

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