The ring is also a warrior for a professional leader of Slobhacia


TS Organizers (B. Beláková) 11/18/2018

Ministry of the War 4: The ring is also a warrior for a professional leader of Slobhacia

On Saturday, December 1, at the Banskobystrický Sports Ministerial Club, again, it will be a hard sport. For a fourth time the Autumn Ministry's disease of fighting sport.

Spectators can enjoy games in a variety of Thai box, kickbox, MMA and box boxes. Inside the room, home activists Thomas Banská Bystrica, already shops and new talents to a home club.

The main night game will fight for a & # 39; belt Slobhacia professional master boxing in hardship (up to 80 kilograms). Within a circle, a busy ownership is & # 39; stand up against each other Čepo Vlasto and represent the Goral Gym of Kezmarok Jozef Kolodzej.

In other professional games in Thai Boxing and kickboxes, we can see, for example, Michal Košík. Iva Hatalu and Tomáš Činčík, which will be represented by a Fire Brigade home team. We also see an interesting game in a heavy MMA, where we can see the home club Tomáš Marek.

Of course there are three women's games in the circle. They fight for them Anička Šulková. Andrea Novotná and only a 14-year-old city Laura Salaj. In games in advance, the ring will be placed in the circle Michal Hatala and I look Holota.

Visitors and event guests can get the light show and cool DJs from the Sports Ministry. The disco will continue after the gala dinner until morning.

The Ministry of Defense 4 will take place on Saturday 1st December at the Sports Ministry starting at 20.00. Tickets and VIP boxes and desks are sold in the network.

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