The rise and fall of a puma to repeat his sovereignty again


It survived almost 16 hours to save an adult-adult puma to climb around eight meters and sheltered in a tree-based tree crown in the El Arrayán department, in the Lo Barnechea society.

During the afternoon of Wednesday, the dogs found out that the presence of the section was going on. Quickly, run the news through the WhatsApp neighbors group.

One said that the puma was going on land two houses before climbing the pine tree, flee from the dogs that ran on it. "My neighbor told me that she looked like a puma as long as she was getting watering. I went to see it and we did not find it, but then, through the neighbors to talk, they said it was in a two-bay tree that is further afield, "said Nicolás Blanchard.

After confirming that the puma was present, it was getting shorter every time – a & # 39; escape from the dog sounds, vehicles and people who came into the scene – the people took notice of the authorities, started on rescue started at 7:00 p.m. and finished without positive results.

The work, which was headed by the Agricultural Livestock Service (SAG), City & City Zoo, Gope of Carabineros and Lo Barnechea Poetry, today, with the main lights of the day, the aim ? Numb the puma, to try to reduce it.

The procedure was not easy and it was a big problem. in the state of the ground, since even though the puma climbed eight meters on the pine, the slopes moved 15 meters up to the ground: a serious disaster had been killed.

To stop the bubble that was placed at the base of a tree, to prevent the falling of the animal; with an emphasis of about 30 kilometers. To achieve that work, the second challenge came: hit the target and get a tranquilizer rod on the puma's skin. For this, SAG staff used telescopic chill, which was placed at the mouth of the house, about 25 meters from the animal.

The first attempt was not successful. The second one is, but the feline brought the needle in less than two seconds. Eventually, the third was suspended and at 13.30 the animal fell asleep, but did not hit the ground, because the branches of the tree were falling; served as a buffer.

Then, in attempts to come back again – as long as the soldier had a & # 39; trying to tie a rope beside his neck – the brutal dropped brutally. "He dropped on a base bowl. Our animal is in a good state, without a clear break to date. The rescue is positive, as we have been able to save us alive in a very dangerous situation," said the director (s) the National Movie Alejandra Montalba.

After her childhood, the seed animal got and moved to the National Museum. Photograph: Lo Barnechea Towns

The presence of the animal in the urban area of ​​Lo Barnechea was very pleasing. However, Montalba said "it's not the cup in our habitat, we are in a phomatic environment. And more than it's built in the colonies, there are more animals."

Lack of protocols

The most obvious problem was when the lack of rules for this type of emergency was captured. So, the national director of the SAG, Horacio Bórquez, said there are no protocols for wild animals in urban areas. There is repair, but the protocols are caring. There is no written protocol (…). Everything I have been able to do was done, and I'm doing it; think that the most important thing is that we've got the animal alive. "

Bquequez said that "with this one to start working on protocols, as we already know that there is a better chance of happening again".

After the rescue, the retreat was relocated to the Mammalian National Hospital. He woke up in the evening, with no wounds. For security, it will continue to evaluate until next week, when it is reviewed and completely restored, to be released in a defined area, with follow a GPS team returning to a natural environment.

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