The risk of confirming the diet has been on & # 39; throwing red meat


Casting needs to be tough. We do not say that. And it's not at all. Of course, The Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC) does not consider red meat as one of the essential and essential tools for a heart-healthy diet. Of course, from that It should be spent only but not normal, as long as we expect to stop cardiovascular diseases.

The latest evidence in this regard is to come from Cleveland Clinic (Ohio, United States) where a group of researchers have shown that a diet that has a main protein of raw flesh tends to a greater risk of severe heart disease, stroke and drug work. Everything related to this Increase in TMAO (Trimethylamine N-oxide), submissions of religious diners who create when they are built.

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An TMAO is made when genuine bacteria, chromadh choline, lecithin and carnitine, are often present in animal products such as red and liver and other animal products. And the The results of the study, published in the European Heart Journal, show that the blood levels are up to three times higher compared to to eat with white or non-meat meat as a source of protons. In addition, that research showed The normal use of red meat developed TMAO by reducing the use of microscopes and reduces the efficiency of the habitats when it eliminated.

The research was based The frequency of three types of food in 113 patients who received random food donations, led by Ron Krauss, professor of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California Berkeley, based on red meat, white meat or vegetarian diets as a protein store to get 25% of your daily calories.

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