The risk of raising a pet "pet"


A dog is included in a & # 39; Breeding is now a move in many families in cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City … According to this move, Vietnam has recorded thousands of issues People bite with pets, and seriously injured, even death.

This is a danger to a particular family family and a wider community; It needs a strong solution to prevent citizenship and protect human health and life.

Gathering Hiem flowers
Get enough dog vaccine so you do not get sick.

Keep up the move

In Hanoi, since the beginning of the year, many cases of dog bugs are recorded and three deaths were made from liberation in the Phuc Tho areas, Phu Xuyen and Soc Soc. Recently, in Tien commune (Thuong Tin district), when the owner opened the iron cage to suddenly feed the Pitbull dog suddenly; dog was biting. They received evidence of the event, the neighbors gave their legs just to attack the same … they both had to go to an emergency room.

According to Mr Duong Xuan Tinh – Chief of the Thuong Tin Trèanaidh Trèanaidh Trèanaidh Trèanaidh Thuong Tin, today, the movement of genuine "flower" breeds is in many places but the owner is not often exposed to the authorities and not He is a vaccine; fight for pets. With breed dogs, if accepted from a young age, loyalty, but many people buy adult dogs, through many owners, so they do not. make a difference to the current owner, becoming wild, easy to hit. When things happen and what's happening, attacking people and other pets …

According to Animal Animal Division (MARD), there are about 350 dog species that are included every year from Vietnam, mostly from Europe, USA, Japan and Australia. Doberman, Rottweiler, Pitbull … was banned and introduced in some countries as they were at the risk of indigenous people and animals.

However, in Vietnam, the move is to breed these evil dogs "kingdoms." Just one click on the internet shows a number of dog species sold. Many breeders breed these breasts for sale, and, control the authorities more difficult.

Although the department has many problems in managing pets into a "pet", it is the ignorance of the people when they go; The construction of these animals also has a detrimental effect. Ms. Nguyen Thanh Dung in the Ha Dong area, when she saw neighbors to build a dog, likes to buy the Doberman and Piola the online seller.

However, she has not yet learned about the dog breed. In addition, there are many people who have a psychological knowledge when dogs are converted to a dog that should not fit a healthy breed; vaccine against sausages. So many of the unfortunate deaths have happened.

According to the Middle Institutions for Hygiene and Epidemiology (Ministry of Health), every year, around 500,000 people in the country need to be tackled to prevent sausages and 9 months in 2018, the country has dropped 67 people from liberation …

Need to raise awareness

The Animal Health Department (MARD) Pham Van Dong reported that the Government Deit No. 05/2007 / ND-CP on 9 January 2007 on the prevention and disruption of control animals in animals. All situations for introducing animals into Vietnam as quarantine certificates from exporting countries; Confirmation of cleansing cleansing animals; Animals coming from an unfinished border at least 6 months before exports … But in our country, there are issues where people can go. freely volunteers from overseas without increasing the growth of muscle. active action.

Gathering Hiem flowers
Many people still do not expect to have the effects of & # 39; bad dogs.

"To prevent it and fight battles effectively, the areas and cities need to be built and raise awareness of identifying uninhabited dogs and at the same time, Cailleanan for breeding, especially the dog species to stop, avoid effective … ", said Pham Van Dong.

Implementing & # 39; National Program for the control and destruction of friends in the Hanoi region in 2017-2021, Director of Hanoi Training Training Department of Hanoi Nguyen Ngoc Son said, to raise awareness of people In the pet "pet" in a & # 39; home vaccines are required to use local vaccines to use vaccine in dogs and cats. Committees and towns affect the people who are at risk of their lives; Identity signs of dogs and cats that are infected with saline and effective prevention.

At the same time, encouraging communities to participate in & # 39; explore, find and & # 39; provides information to local authorities, medical and medical groups about dog issues, cats or other animals with unusual publications, suspects that there is a disease in time management; Carefully respond to the volunteer dogs, without lead, too much …

Regarding this question, the Deputy Chairman of the People of the Thunong Tin Nguyen Tuan Thinh People's Committee said that the area has asked the communities to review and correct the number of households that are experiencing. animal feeding in each town, Dog number in each home for the regulation and support of a vacancy against the vacancy vaccine for their purpose; herd.

On the other hand, breeders need to be asked to confirm the proof, and registering the dog species, & # 39; Keeping the dog in keeping with the dog in order to ensure that life is safe for people. South Westerly Ngoc Quynh

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