The River achieved its promise and was the most unusual tattoo; there


Some would shake their hair or cracked after many years. Others went to Luján. But the promise fulfilled this surprisingly surprised everyone and foreigners and stole it as a whole.

In the beginning of October, even before it was known that the River was going to play the Superfinal against Boca, Marco suggested that he would ask for a desk; fourth Libertadores Cup then.

In the past, the people led by Marcelo Gallardo the Guild were marvelously defeated and then hitting Xeneize in the vital game at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Would the players agree if he would do the same?

In fact, yes. Marco did not set down and the image of a carved desk on the left arm, one of the leading musicians of the last international competitions: since the Núñez club bumped with that issue in the 2015 Cup, everything started to do something; bid for him.

His tattoo design began on Twitter: he had 1600 deities, hundreds of RTs and several ideas. Many were surprised that these fans were so excited. But indeed, boundaries are not at stake.

Will there be strange new promises in fear that the River will come back with the World Cup under its arm?

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