The River incorporates Ignacio Scocco, "local" in Al Ain – 12/13/2018


Ignacio Scocco knew then how he would be local in Al Ain. The player played 26 games and organized 11 visits between 2011 and 2012 with the microwave – very similar to the other part of the River but with a larger proportion of white – the EUA ProAague. That is why his presence in the training of an Arabian evening, in Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, was astonishing in the middle of these areas. Also, from the special concerts in Argentina. Because of that For the first time he got the plane in Ezeiza, Nacho It could work with its member.

Scocco moved with his companion. He participated in the traditional "crazy" at the beginning and end of open customs. And he ran from the top of the playground at Tahnoun Bin Mohamed Stadium. Later, as long as her & # 39; The rest of his companion is to make physical habits more intense, He changed his shoes and sank in isolation around the court.

Continue on there is still no medical sweeping, beyond that in the last hours of the technical group they gave Clarin His revival comes "snow in the wind" and his motions he made in the eye preview.

What's wrong at Sgocco? Santa Fe, a 32-year-old Santa Fe, is involved in her calf on 4 November against Estudiantes at the Quilmes center. Marcelo Gallardo had decided to play that game with agents, but he wanted to see it in action Nacho. Julián Alvarez was replaced by 20 minutes. And he could not be part of the team again. When he wanted to ask the muscles to come into situations to the athlete against Boca, he was thrown. And he had to start over.

Rodrigo Mora is another invasion who is not the best physical condition. The Uruguayans did not really need training. Like Sgocco, he took part in the band and rescue, but finished resting. The illness in the chrom is a & # 39; continues and the idea is not at risk.

Marcelo Gallardo guides everyone a little bit. He knows that his first game will be in six days. Those who did not have a & # 39; the case of the usual and non-final venues against the Boca. There was an exercise exercise in small areas, which included Doll with his class that gave him a reputation as a player still full.

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