The River is hitting the head of Racing in the Superliga Argentine with Quintero's aim


River Plate won the game that had been a championship at the Copa Libertadores 2018, and cut a series of races, Super League Argentinian leader, who had a 2-0 victory on Sunday, in the eighteenth century. -day

In the Monumental Monument, the River was better than bustling; The Fernando Quintero (30) and his own destination Alejandro Donatti (49), had a better benefit in the development for the Academy, with a broader benefit than was seen in the final result, followed by a series of walks.

As in the last round of the last two years in the Libertadores Cup, the place set up and won in each of the Amateur Race ranges, much lower than It was anticipated before this test was carried out by the River which left the debut of its first games of the year and its # return to strength.

"We won a lot of authority in every way, we did not go better when we were explaining, because the product could be harder, the team has never been able to attack the game, "said Marcelo Gallardo. , the DT million.

The losses affecting Races, which won seven of its last eight games, but now there is a peace of Defense and Justice, the small team that can reach the top a & # 39; board if they affect Argentinos youths on Monday.

On the night, Boca had to draw a 1-1 resolution when he was visiting Belgrano, in a game that was Auriazules as headmaster of Lisandro Lopez (16), but he did not know Xeneize team as he was ordained and the Cordovan team was almost the same as Federico Lértora (81).

Although he reduced slightly with the director, Boca had another chance to go into the fight with his camp when there are only seven dates for his / her. border.

Earlier, Newell and Rosario Central were involved with a brilliant version of the classic rosarino, which ended with a zero link.

In Mendoza, Godoy Cruz returned to the defeat after three losses and gave him another struggle to attack the San Martin de Tucumán, with his ambitions Uruguayan, Santiago García (4 and 45 + 1, both from the penalty area), and Miguel Merentiel (76), while Claudio Bieler (31) and Rodrigo Gómez (75) were a while; dropping down for the whiteboy tucumanos.

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