The Rocket Report: Proton proton cut, video launch SpaceX HD, clawback SLS


The vehicle that sent the post is ready to go up.
Enlarge / The vehicle that sent the post is ready to go up.

Welcome to the Rocket Report Edition 1.42! It was another great week for a kiosk, with the Space NASA navigator system under the gun. Almost then after Vice-President Mike Pence said NASA would look at other options if the contractors can't; in a job the White House and NASA administrator were struck by the great rocket's political fans. You can find this, and much more, below.

As always, we welcome reader submissions, and if you do not wish to lose a case, please enter the box below (the form will not appear on versions of the site that is capable of AMP) . Each report will contain information on small, medium, and heavy lifts as well as looking closely at the next three days of the calendar.

A morning display of Chinese OS-rocket rocket is failing. For the second time, a revolutionary publishing campaign from a Chinese private company failed. On Wednesday, the first OS-M Chongqing machine open at OneSpace from Saturn Jiuquan Athletics Center, tried to starve the little Lingque-1B technology satellite, but it failed shortly after it goes second-stage, reports.

Attempts to publish high-quality frequency … OneSpace was set up after the Chinese state institutions started licensing the “private” technology. Since then in 2015, the company has launched three main business lines, starting with M-series's state-of-the-art publishing catalog to create a high-quality, effective publishing service. to provide quality and quality assurance for small people and micro-customers. China also has a hard place. (submitted by Unrulycow and Ken the Bin) t

DARPA aims to tear up nuclear rocket in orbit. The defense research organization plans to display a nuclear heating system that can be assembled on an orbital basis to extend the presence of the US operation in a laxative state, according to Airplan Week. The organization is seeking $ 10 million by 2020 to start a new program, Reactor On A Rocket, to develop a high-caliber uranium movement system.

It is the start … In a nuclear thermal rocket, moving dredging with high heat in the reactar and then thrown out through a rocket loop to make a cloth. The chemical rocket throwing has a higher higher energy flavor. $ 10 million is a small amount for contributing to a program that would certainly make expensive research and development. (submitted by danneely)

Two of Minotaur designed by Wallops. Northrop Grumman is gearing up for four concerts this year at Virginia Wallops Island (including two Cygnus cargos supply initiatives for the International Space Station) and a pair of Minotaur rock tours for government spy satellite group. the US, Spaceflight Now recites.

Different eating eaters … The flagship campaigns will launch rock Minotaur 4 (using mattresses decommissioned from so many Peacechower Air Force weapons) and Minotaur 1 (of which use of a mixture similar to both hardwood and new high-fuel diesel masters but is based on the Minuteman bullet. With Rocket Lab also developing its facilities at Wallops, the coast of Virginia may increase its range of activities. (submitted by Unrulycow) t

Concerns about the landscape that has started in Canada. The Department of Environment in Nova Scotia has raised concerns about the Cyclone 4M rocket that is being praised by Maritime Services from a space that has yet to be developed in the Canadian province. The Ukrainian 4M second stage is built with hydrazine. The environmental sector will be made up to May to decide whether or not to allow the project, The Herald Chronicle reports.

Still being used extensively … in response to these concerns, the Launch Maritime Service produced a report that identifies hydrazine usage with NASA's spacecraft on Capsub Dragon SpaceX and other vehicles. “While the two European Space Agency and NASA recognize the benefits of developing green option rather than hydrazine, both bodies will continue to be responsible for and use it for future publications. added, "said the report. Hydrazine is very bad, but it's very useful (sent in GM) t

Russia to cut costs of Proton rocket. Roscosmos cuts the cost of launching Proton-M's prototype to Falcon rocket level 9 at SpaceX to increase competition. The costs will be saved through “lower costs on land-based arrangements,” said Roscosmos Chief Dmitry Rogozin, according to TASS.

Interest or price … "The Proton-M rockets are about the price price. We are now taking steps to reduce the cost of the start-up services by cutting costs to the Center for installing infrastructure t Space-earth, "Rogozin said. This is an exciting development, but has recently failed in the Proton, it is not clear whether international customers are more concerned about reliability or affordability. (submitted by Unrulycow) t

The new FAA rule attempts to simplify publication. T. Following the meeting of the National Spectrum Council on Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration recommended rules to reduce the commercial needs of commercial establishments in order to launch it in the future, to the location and to those who launched the site. The administration also seeks to maintain safety at the time of launching and rest.

Target achieved … According to the FAA, the proposed rule would provide a safe, based approach to commercial transport transport. It would promote safety practices by creating flexibility for operators to meet safety requirements and by promoting co-operation among stakeholders. Several airline officers suggested the government to be fast moving and follow the new rules in around 12 months, within the deadline set by Vice-President Mike Pence. (submitted by Ken the Bin)

A dream Chaser goes past another milestone. The spacecraft developed by Sierra Nevada has passed NASA's Integrated Remodeling Milestone 5, the major monitoring of the company's performance in various earth and aviation operations. Sierra Nevada said the vehicle is still going ahead to launch in 2021 at the Atlas V. rock.

Milestones and more … According to the company, the study covered the development of computers and vehicle airplane software, a mission chimney, and the Mission Control Center. Sierra Nevada also made cargo displays using the top privacy statements of the vehicle and the goods model, showing the loading and distribution period. The Dream Chaser is a groundbreaking NASA contract for at least six cargo trips to the station in the early 2020s. (submitted by Ken the Bin)

Germany has a plan to catch rockets. The German space agency, DLR, has begun a study of an innovative concept of reuse that could use and retain a first-level tennis at an earlier aircraft. land back SpaceNews reports. The three-year trial seeks to develop a “rocket container” with an international team that will draw on previous DLR symbols and aircraft trials.

Oh, the name … My favorite part of this idea, which is showing to a great extent, is that it is named by FALCon. The introduction of the SpaceX ones with the Falcon 9 hoist needs more fuel to change the vehicle when it returns to Earth, the project leader told the publication. By allowing re-worming with wings and bringing it to a reviving plane, the rocket can use more fuel to deliver a pay-train in orbit. We must see. (submitted by Ken the Bin and danneely)

Launch of Falcon 9 full explanation. SpaceX has recently been updated on Falcon 9 on its website with a new video which features some of the concerts and premiered in the rocket. With one of the play options there is an opportunity to 4K video, and it's amazing, Ars recit.

Reading away, start looking … In some of the main events of the video, photocopies of the engines Falcon 9 are restoring to prepare for landing and taking their own feet. But of course, this is something that should only be seen other than reading about them.

Alabama's solicitors will seek proofs about the SLS. The questions raised at the Housing Improvements heard a day after Vice-President Mike Pence sent out a program of rockets for the space warmer regarding his desire to send people to the moon surface by 2024. T "If the current contractors can't meet this goal then we will find some who are," Pence said.

Telling questions … Alabama Rep Martha Roby requested confirmation from NASA's Administrator Jim Bridenstine that the SLS rocket was still necessary for NASA's research plans. Robert Aderholt, another representative from Alabama, said, "SLS and Orion programs are, of course, particularly important to the health of our national aircraft supply provider." It was rarely clearer that Congress does not give priority to "search" of search systems.

NASA is also looking at accelerating SLS. This week Bridenstine also suggested that the idea that the first aim of Orion would snap a commercial rockets. Instead, he was trying to find ways to accelerate that message on raising the protection of SLS, t SpaceNews reports. The biggest idea (which we will hear after 45-day inspection) involves testing the Green Watch test at the Stennis Space Center, which takes five to eight months from the schedule.

Waiting for the panel ASAP … At the support given to the houses this week, Bridenstine said, "The question, is it necessary? Can we test each individual device on very high types of machines?" "Hybrid" is the overcrowding sign, or at least the risk of extinction, or nearly the same risk, just as we should run for the green running? "We are keen to know what safety panels are at NASA, which banned space from SpaceX for using load-and-go to fuel Falcon 9 rocket, to explain this idea.

Air Force isn't going to delay the competition. Final bid for business applications for the Service Provision competition will be launched now in the next two weeks, Lt. Gen. John F. Thomson, head of the RAF and Missile Systems. This is the competition for military contracts which launched from 2022 to 2026 which have been controversial.

The Air Force is completed … Thomson's views came at the time of the Parliament's sub-committee, covered by them SpaceNews. Sen Deb Fischer (R-Neb.), Chairman of the sub-committee, and Sen Martin Heinrich (DN.M.), a graduate member, challenged Thomson's interpretation of the Air Force's philosophy for saving the air. "We are ready to provide RFP for the LSP," said Thompson. "We all have good potential. We expect strong competition." Thompson's acronym game is strong.

Blue Origin expanded Florida facilities. The rocket company set up by Jeff Bezos intends to add a "south campus" of 90-acre to its extensive facilities at Exploration Park, near the entrance to Kennedy Kennedy Center. The southern campus is nearly twice as much as NASA's Blue Origin land, Florida Today reports.

Large rockets, big acres … The company refused to provide details, but according to documents published by the newspaper, "The facilities are provided for the production and delivery of commercial vehicles." . " A company that builds a huge rocket needs more space near the main blow in Florida it should not be a surprise. (submitted by Ken the Bin)

The next three concerts

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