The royal family crisis? Meghan and Harry move away from the Cambridge Dukes


This change of residence has stopped the facts about possible differences with Cambridge Dukes, especially between the wives of the landlords: Kate and Meghan.

The Dukes of Sussex will move from Kensington Palace to Frogmore House, a rural house near Windsor Castle, in the beginning of 2019, "is the information described in a statement issued by Kensington Palace.

However, this change of residence has focused on being different from Dukes Cambridge, especially between the wives of the landlords: Kate and Meghan.

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Prince Harry and Meghan seem to have started a new life from Cambridge, as a store near the Royal House with Daily Mail: "Harry and Meghan want to move and need more, but do not want to go to Guillermo and Kate's door to live. "

Another source is even beyond the differences between the sisters saying: "Kate and Meghan are life-oriented and very different. which will be more transparent by time ".

Since his promise in 2017 Harry and Meghan lived in Nottingham Cottage, a house on the Kensington Palace in London, where the Dukes of Cambridge also live with their three children, Princes Jorge and Luis and Princess Princess.

The official statement of the Real Case says that the reason for the removal of Sussex ducks is to be prepared until their first child arrives.

"The two will move to the birth of their firstborn child, who will be registered for the next spring," said Kensington Palace.

Harry and Meghan's new home have a special meaning for her friend, because they were in a position. Celebrating their second ceremony for their marriage for family and close friends.

Windsor Castle, where the ritual has already happened, with the provisions. AFP / Daniel Leal

There are ten rooms in this residence and nursery, sports, spa and yoga room. Rum fulfilled by the Queen Elizabeth II of England for the couple.

The child was at the age of her; Prince Charlie and the American soldier order at Windsor Castle (outside London), on May 19 and October 15 said that Meghan was heavy.

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