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There was uncertainty in recognition of the financial day. Rural risk is the main responsibility among investors. It had 751 bases, with an increase of 22 units compared to Friday. Home activists convinced that Macri's family was calling for one of the factors that impacted on the price of the connections and threatened the country to go out. But this factor does not generate a sound to economy but with strong structured houses. The Argentine debts recorded for more than six months the three-dimensional produce of the area. Brazil, Uruguay, Peru and Chile will pay 2 percentage points greater than the United States for the sake of new bands' bonds. Argentina will pay more than 7 points.

Local colors in foreign currency were red. Bread the backs; criminals of long-term quality. There was a fall in Argentina 2037 of 2.8 per cent, while Discount 2033 was a & # 39; a fall of 2.0 percent decline, Argentina 2025 of 1.5 per cent and Bonar 2024, of 1.1 per cent. Amongst stockbrookers, it is common to quantify the level of the product (land) inside and the current yield of these resources. These are steps that allow them to know what profits these assets leave if there is a capital payment commitment and an interest in the debt. But at the same time it is a measure of the trust that a reservoir holds when he connects. Argentina is now paying a return of almost 12 per cent for long-term securities. He's on the podium of the most reliable countries in the area. Not just Venezuela and Ecuador.

The dollar increased with the jump at the country's risk and increased the tension between its home activists. The money closed at 38.79 pesos, with 42 cents ahead. The retail exchange rate closed at 37.66 pesos and an increase of 26 cents. The day was tough. The real estate price was a daily ceiling record of 38 pesos. The number of jobs is 557 million dollars. The emphasis was not resolved by the change of departmental funds. China's trade war between the United States and China is important to explain value value in Mexico or Brazil. But it's not the only reason. Today, Britain's British definition of Brexit was to promote the exports of capital from countries that were in the world; emerging. Investigators try to hedge and it's best to be & # 39; sell higher risk jobs.

The third element that makes some sound in a week's past financial and expects a decline in the United States. The market shows that levels of interest to 2-year Government bonds are very similar to those on 10-year bonds. Long-term rates are considered to be an average rate of short rates. This means that the definition of being & # 39; Receive rates of 2 to 10 years like the low economic economy in the future to recover the level of activity. The market expects the United States to have growth problems and move forward by doing so; subtracting capital from countries that come up to go to # 39; Cover itself in a safe asset Argentina that is with Turkey is one of the largest economies that affect them.

The reserves were still falling and put another part of uncertainty to the local financial situation. They stood at 49,844 million dollars with a 221 million decline. The Medium Prices 121,663 million pesos in Leliq at an average level of 59.23 per cent (against 59.16 per cent on Friday).

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