The Russian Federation has attacked Azov's military law in order to protect Ukraine and their interests


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At the same time, the Landlords can pick up their case about going to # 39; Strengthening sanctions against the Russian Federation, which Alexander Paliy believes

At this time it is difficult to predict how to develop events thereafter Capturing three Ukrainian boats in the # 39; Black Sea to Russia and whether the military law with Ukraine will continue to increase the problem with the Russian Federation in the Ukrainian waters.

About this in the idea of ​​the site "Today" said a political scientist Alexander PaliySouth Westerly

"We do not know how to develop the events, no one knows. Martyr law is being introduced to protect the Trust, our borders and their inner interests, and Russia can use everything you need. "Breaking the United States," said the scientist, saying that Moscow could go on to make the most of it. make the situation deeper, and that the fight could spread to the land.

According to Palia, at the same time Ukraine should, with the help of diplomacy and instruments influenced by international institutions, build a case about a " Strengthening sanctions against Russia for attacking in the Ukrainian waters of Ukraine.

The expert also stressed that the Russian Federation's activities could capture the U.S. vessels and that the Kremlin may have the situation in Azov becoming larger as a factor. invading the Ukrainian electoral process.

"But Putin has been involved in the election campaign long ago," he finished.


Watch the launch of the "Ukraine" TV channel: "Russian Assaults in the Azov Sea: how will Ukraine respond?" at 15:00 a.m., p.m. and p.m.

As we know November 25, the Russian army adopted Ukrainian vessels on the AzovPost-Ukrainian shipbuilding Kerch Strait. When the Ukrainian ships were captured by the Russians, six Ukrainian weapons were fired.

During the meeting of the NSDC on November 25-26, a decision was made to impose military law in Ukraine due to the actions of the Russian Federation in Muir Azov. Morning law is recommended to enter for 60 days. The President of Unga Petro Poroshenko supported armor attack. Verkhovna Rada, Chairman, Andriy Paruby said he had been calling a very spectacular session of the parliament to consider his / her. this case Monday at 4:00 p.m.

Read more about developments in Muir Azov on the Today website:Embark on Russia on the Ukrainian vessels in Muir Azov: history of online events".

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