The Russian government has banned ProtonMail and other services


How good is it to protect customer data on services, often in a very different place. That's what it is, when governments get rid of services that they don't have the chance to do so. In this regard, ProtonMail may see it as a reluctance when it comes to handling user data and encryption that the service is now closed. in Russia.

The closure was concluded by suppliers of the Federal Security Service, known as KGB. The reason given was that a number of bomb bugs were received by post from January from the police. This caused the people to leave the place, so a whole rat came into being. ProtonMail and other postal providers are now accused of threatening bomb bombs.

The service that is affected is not ProtonMail, with a total of 26 addresses blocked. Andrew Yen, the Chief Executive of ProtonMail, says it is not just closing this. It is true that Russian users can access your inboxes. However, you cannot send Russian emails to ProtonMail recipients, so not from other postal providers. The ProtonMail mailings are closed here just here.

But, Yen also says that it is making good progress in making the service available to Russian practitioners. If there is a legal complaint, Russia could be subject to internationally established legal laws and procedures.

In Russia, people are currently in the streets, not just the Europeans who have problems with the internet. • In Russia, it is about a “lit market”, which gives access to unwanted material within Russia. The first problems appeared with ProtonMail for a presentation with around 15,000 people.

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