The Russians who lost his place in Formula 1 have made a complaint about a strange time: Auto: Sport:


Russian rider Sergei Sirotkin, who plays for the Formula 1 team of Williams, said about what's going on. happened after leaving the series. The words of the athlete are the motorsport management.

"Honestly, I thought so strong that I could change and I could stay, I did not think of what I did. I'm sure I have many opportunities, but I put myself One goal this year. As long as I did not have the time and opportunity to investigate everything, "said Sirotkin.

He also noted that he was ready to consider his / her ability to & # 39; staying in Williams as a third pilot. "I gave her [команде] what I have, and I have a dispute that I can not produce the results of this hard work with this group of people. So if there is an opportunity to stay here with some expectations for the future, I will examine it, "the Russians stressed.

On November 22, Sirotkin published that he would not play for Williams in the 2019. season. In the situation of this season's pilots, there is a Russian with one point in the last place. There was only one step forward – Grand Prix Abu Dhabi.

Instead, Sirotkin will talk to Williams Pole Robert Kubica. The driver returns to "Formula 1" after a seven year break. Before the 2011 season begins, Kubica went into an rally crash and had to stop his career as a result of manual injuries.

The 2018 season was for the start of Sirotkin in the "Formula 1". In the first clan, the pilot went out due to problems in the & # 39; car. In the brake system, a folder was received from under a pencil, which brought a fire back from the car.

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