The S10 firmware is recommended that Samsung will also be preparing a model with 5G of Galaxy Note 10


The new Galaxy S10 has little added to its market. Samsung is already thinking of the rising aircraft. And it's not just talking about the Galaxy Fold, which stayed in April.

South Korea has updated the firmware version of the Exynos Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10 Plus, and there is mention of Galaxy Note 10, which should be only half. Also called "davinci" code, the manufacturer expects to market at least one 5G model of the product.

That's because a code citing the status of a "davinci5G" camera can be heard quickly, after adjusting to the changing settings of the Galaxy S10 (longer).

Plus the Galaxy S10 5G and Fold – which should be restricted to some markets – the company still has 2019 in the third connected connection. This, he knows, in more areas.

Furthermore, a new device called the "luge" was identified. According to XDA Developers this may be another high-performing model that will be sold as a unique tool. Good maybe Samsung's other handsets can be another bet.

This makes sense because there is already a good market potential for the flexible market: Southern Deals is originally pledging on hybrid with a third screen to work as a smartphone, and Huawei believes. that their own screen is sufficient; we also have Motorola, with Raz 2019, wanting to bring the technology straight to move on a mobile phone. There are a number of opportunities.

We should only use Note Note 10 in August. However, even if the draft 5G version is confirmed, Brazil will conclude in the discussions initiated by the new networks here. Anatel also sees a real impact on how they spread their frequency. That's still some bureaucracy.

And do you think it makes sense for Samsung to start playing a different game on 5G of their roofs? Tell us what we think!

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