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People are stupid sinners! Kapota, Wakatobi, the Wakatobi National Park of Indonesia found a group of landed sperm whales. National park officers found that their stomach was filled with plastic waste, which reaches as much as 6 kilograms.

Scientist said the headquarters of the national park, Haley. Heri Santoso said that National Park deliverers wanted to find her body; sperm whale late Monday after hearing the people to begin to start; killing his wheel body. A & # 39; Whales 9.5 meters long and is built in the middle. Her satirous whale was found that there were more than one thousand pieces of rubbish in her; her vaginal pocket, including 115 plastic cups, 25 plastic bags, two flip-flops, and a bag with more than 1,000 ropes, which includes 6 kg in total.

We have an Indonesian environment. Dwi Suprapti said that although we can not bring the cause of his death, the waste is directly affect his health.

It's a heart breaking. in marine creatures eating gutting. In April, a 10-meter dead whale was found on a Spanish beach. Her body was 29 kilograms of plastic rubbish, with over 80 plastic bags. Biologists believe that there is so much rubbish connected in the; stomach, causing it to be ruined in the stomach and cause abdominal disease. In June, there were 7.7 kilograms of plastic rubbish in a new crabs with Thailand.

There are many plastic cups inside the whale, as well as nylon ropes and fishing nets. (Picture / Press Associated)

According to a survey published last year, from the 1950s, people have made more than 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic. Of those, 6.3 billion tonnes were left, and they did not go into the landfill, and more were brought into the natural environment.

It is difficult to find out what plastic waste is coming into the ocean, but it is found to investigate in 2015 that plastic waste thrown into the sea was as high as 12.7 million tons in mid 2010.

More than half of the current plastic waste comes from five countries: China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Indonesia is the second country of world-wide marine plastics polluting, creating 1.4 million tonnes of plastic marine waste per annum.

The Indonesian government has promised to spend $ 1 billion every year on plastic waste, but it's cold comfortably with whales.

(Times Times Newsletter)

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