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Health News on Sunday, February 17, 2019



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Let's set a pattern of contracts in celebrating Valentine's Day this year, while there was an increase in & # 39; selling emergency anti-pills.

This was in a media magazine by Accra 100.5 FM on Friday, February 15, 2019 and monitored by

Most of the Valentine's signals in Ghana, the market for coordinates; gains benefits, and the demand that is sold on its # 39; This year has become astonishing for many HIV / AIDS activists.

According to the news, drug entitlements interviewed appeared in most parts of Accra that they recorded more sales for emergency antibiotic pills, the condom.

It was reported that most of the women, in particular, chose to have the emergency anti-moving pills rather than a & # 39; using moors.

Even some of the men who visited the medicine shops also chose to buy the emergency emergency pill for their women.

Eno Adwoa, one of the women who bought the crystalline pills explained that it was more worrying to grow fertile than to do so. HIV organized how she wanted to celebrate the day of her sweetheart.

She told her she had relied on her lover and was sure he did not try other women.

Speaking in a special interview with, the Chief Executive (Chief Executive) Prescribed Hands Perfect at the Tema Mitchell camp, Madam Grace Abigail Amissah, commented on her; A new move that was worried in the fight against HIV AIDS.

She said, most of the women now have a & n; Seeing an obstacle to being pregnant with a child is more important than HIV AIDS, so there is an increase in the sale of emergency concepts.

She said that AIDS is really real and the use of antibiotics does not stop it.

Therefore, the CEO is calling on AIDS activists to encourage education about condom use as the safest way to prevent HIV AIDS and other diseases that are exposed to sex.

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